Bill's Walk shorts

from Dann Clothing

True Length Bermuda Shorts

M1 (Plain)

M1 (Pleated)

M2 (Plain)

M2 (Pleated)

TWILL           Fully cut through rise, seat and leg.

Poplin          Less Full through he rise, seat, and leg.

Bill's Khakis highly constructed, American made Bermuda short is available in two fabrics. Our 100% combed cotton twill weighs 8.5 ounces per yard and provides cast iron durability and versatility year round. Our tightly woven poplin weighs 5.6 ounces per yard and is ideal for warmer weather. Both fabrics retain a clean sharp crease for days when professionally starched, or machine wash to a soft floppy hand and drape. Machine washable.

Price: $89.50

Pant Size: 



Price:  $89.50

Pant Size: 



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Bill's Walk shorts


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