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French Cuff !


For the truly well dressed man ! French Cuff Shirts give the opportunity to add your own personal touch with your personal choice of cuff links.

There are so many great cuff link choices.....engraved with your three initials.....antique coins....the list is endless.

We look forward to sending some of these wonderful shirts to you.



The perfect touch.....



Gitman Point Collar
Stocked Shirts

& Custom





Gitman  Spread Collar 


Big & Tall

French Cuff



Customized !

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Gitman Customized Shirts

Affordable way to obtain just the shirt you need---your choice of fabric, collar style, color, size. Regular, Big/Tall---even with your Monogram !






Gitman Bros Shirts

Complete Collection


Please visit for our great Cuff Links Collections !

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Personalized Gifts from Dann

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Engraved Tuxedo CuffLinks and Studs


Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann


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Cuff Links Ink

Cuff Link Collections

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Dann Valets

coins packaging 

Authentic Coin Collection

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Personalized Cedar Hangers

Men's Washburn Shoe Tree

Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees

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Tiger Mountain Knit Underwear

Knit Undershirts back in stock after a long absence !


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