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Alligator Shoes and Belts as Men's Fashion Accessories

Exotic skin belts and shoes are a statement of enduring style and timeless design.

By Dennis Dann, Dann Men's Clothing,

Anytime anything is limited or difficult to obtain, everyone wants it. Anything Alligator or Crocodile fits into this catagory.

Alligators have been around for 20 million years, since the Reptile age. In 1967, however, they were recognized as endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Through careful controls, American Alligators are now off this list and are said to be fully recovered. The controls and watchs continue, however.

To add to the drama, is the spunky nature of these little rascals. All those teeth......ready to eat about anything............growing up to 14 feet and weighing as much as 1000 pounds. I have not personally met anyone who catches them but I would imagine that the stereotype of "Crocodile Dundee" is not too far off. James Bond and Indiana Jones movies always seem to showcase dealing with them.

What I do know a thing or two about, as a longtime retailer, are the wonderful Shoes, Wallets, Belts, Braces, Belt straps and nice desk accessories that are made from the highly prized skins. I know how difficult they are to get..........the long waits we have had over the years for the items........and the truly limited nature of the items.

What does Alligator Skin go with ? Chestnut Alligator looks fantastic with a Charcoal Grey Chalkstripe Suit...........and equally as nice with a pair of khaki pants. Black Alligator has a decidely more contemporary look...........and works well with a more Euro Non-Vented Suit or with soft Microfiber trousers. Dressy or Casual........Classic or is hard to find something that it doesn't look good with. We carry Black, Chestnut and Dark Brown on our website and are finding the demand great. We have Alligator Tumblers for Happy Hour, a Cell Phone Holder in Alligator and a Alligator Fly Swatter, which we will personalize on a brass plate with three initials. Our latest feature-----an Alligator Custom Pro Golf Bag for Men and for Women..."His and Hers"...offered in 5 Colors (including Pink and Purple) as well as two-tone.

The style is timeless......think Cary Grant, The Duke of Windsor..........and truly enduring. Alligator items are repaired, refurbished over time........and even passed down. Special, upscale customers understand all of this. This is not "for the minute" fashion.

If you have also seen the prices, you know this is something special.




Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 35 years. He currently ships
Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide, including an extensive selection of Alligator and Crocodile Shoes, Belts and Wallets,  thru his website at with Dann Mens Clothing, The Croc Shop from Dann, Dann Formal Shop, Cuff Link Ink, The Khakis Shop by Dann, Dann Happy Hour,  Dann Cashmere Shop, Elegant Country Baskets from Dann, Dann Studio Gifts, Dann Big & Tall, Personalized Papers from Dann, Great Explorations ! Luggage, Great Explorations ! Travel, Personalized Gifts from Dann, Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann, The Christmas Shop for Men, Dann Shearling & Leather Shop, The Golf Shop from Dann. He can be reached via his website at