Joseph Abboud Cashmere Topcoats Collection from Dann

Joseph Abboud Collection

 from Dann Clothing

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Cashmere Topcoats


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Fine Outerwear for the well dressed man !

Elegant Topcoats for Business or for festive evenings.......Old World Bench-Made Tailoring...Joseph Abboud Topcoats are made by the finest coat manufacturer that is family owned and operated since 1931...long known for its meticulously crafted garments and attention to detail. Luxurious lining and the finest quality fabrics. You need a nice topcoat over that great looking business suit or tuxedo.......We know you will have years and years of wonderful use from this fine coat...and we look forward to sending you one ! Special Ordered for your size, color and fabric choice. Exchange for size only.


PS--Every man needs at least one wonderful Cashmere Topcoat in their life at some point !


Single Breasted Topcoat

Luxurious !

Black & Navy

as well as Charcoal

    44" long

                        3/8" Pick Stitched, Single Breasted, Notch Lapel, 3 Button with 4 Sleeve       Buttons, 44" Long, 14" Center Vent, Bluff Edge, Full Acetate Lining, Slash Pockets

Special Ordered for your size, color and fabric choice. Exchange for size only.

100% Cashmere Topcoat


44" long




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Joseph Abboud Collection from Dann


Joseph Abboud Rainwear Collection

 from Dann Clothing


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Cashmere Topcoats from Dann

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