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These are timeless...luxurious...and sure to be your favorite things in your closet ! Mix with great looking gray flannel, for instance, or with a good looking pair of jeans with Croc Shoes. The Goat Suede vest is a great item with our neckties and dress shirts. We love these !

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 Goat Suede Shirt
No 1

 Classic goat suede unlined shirt. Two patch pockets, button front. Satin lining in sleeves only.  Imported.

Price:  $635.00


 Goat Suede Shirt
No 2

Slim fit

Goatsuede workshirt. Two chest pockets, one with flap.  Sizes S-XXL. Imported.

Price:  $635.00



 Goat Suede Shirt
No 2

Slim fit

Goat suede trim fit blazer. Three button front. Satin lining. Inside pocket. Three patch pockets. Available in Brandy. Sizes S-XXL. Imported.

Price:  $795.00

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