Custom Monogram Needlepoint Slip-On Shoes for Women Collection by Dann Clothing, Your Monogram !, Handcrafted Mule Slip-ons

Custom Monogram

Needlepoint Shoes for Women Collection

Slip On Mules


from Dann Clothing

Handcrafted & Hand Stitched in Needlepoint



What incredible shoes ! We are thrilled to offer them to you.


Each "Mule Slip-On" is stitched by hand and fully lined in soft kid leather----they have an open back for easy fit.

Absolute conversation starters.....

I personally own 12 pair of these shoes in different patterns and styles from the regular collection (I kid you not !). They are so wonderful and so fun. After you, too, have a few of the regular are then ready for a pair of Custom with your monogram !

We look forward to sending you some.....and helping you to start your own collection.



Please note !!!............


Please Read !

They are very much of a Custom Special Order. Sizing runs very true to size. They will "give" as they are worn. All are a MEDIUM width only. We STRONGLY recommend these shoes ONLY to those who are already familiar with the fit of these shoes and already own a pair from the regular collection. A pair from the regular collection is not available to ship to you just to try for size. They are made up JUST FOR YOU....non-returnable...non-exchangeable...non-cancellable once the order is placed. We will bill you 50% upfront for the shoes (non-refundable deposit) and the balance when due to ship. Expedited shipping not available. Please----Do not plan on delivery for a certain event or simply is not possible.  (Even for the Queen of England and the Royal Wedding.)  

Approximately 4-5 Month Delivery--intended for the truly patient only.

Our computer is showing an accurate representation of the colors but dye lots of any particular yarn or leather can vary slightly. Your computer may show colors a bit differently. These are fashion shoes...each one is a little different and unique. Variations could possibly occur and are considered part of the charm of this wonderful shoe.

(We just want to be sure to get your Custom shoe order correct and we all understand the format ! You will have these shoes forever !) Be sure to read your final account of your choices before you finalize your order. Double-check your dropdowns. We will call to go over final order with you. We must have personalized and special orders placed online for accuracy.

As you can see......they are truly made up just for you....with all of your personal choices of color, etc. They are un-saleable to anyone else.

X93500 Sand Background with Tan Monogram-Woman's

This is your chance to be a Designer !

5+ Month Delivery !!! (Or so--will ship as soon as ready. No timeline guarantees.)

Let's Get Started creating your Custom shoes !

No. 1

Choose your background Pattern...

No. 2

Choose your Font...

No. 3

Choose your Leather Color...(for trim and insides of shoe)

No. 4

Choose your Lettering Thread Color & number



 T-774 Mini Leopard Needlepoint Mule

Above shown for full style of shoe only. Slip-on Mules are backless.

Needlepoint Shoes for Women

Slip On Mules
with YOUR monogram !
Approximately---5+ Month Delivery
#1--Choose Background Pattern
#2--Choose Font Style
#3--Choose Leather Color
#4--Choose Lettering Thread Color (used to stitch monogram)
#5-----Enter Initials for Monogram:
 (Enter your initials just as they are...Patricia Jane Webster...PJW...we will put in the proper order based upon monogram style chosen)
#6---Enter your Full Name for clarification
#7---Enter your Background Color of the shoe
#8--Enter your Shoe Size
  US Size Scale. We do ship Internationally.

#9----Clarification of policy of this Special Order: Read full paragraph above.

#10----Clarification of timeline of this Special Order: Read full paragraph above.

(We just want to be sure to get your shoe order correct and we all understand the format !)

#11---Phone number where I can be reached--Custom shoe order cannot be finalized until we speak to you.






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