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Monograms & Personalized Gifts

from Dann


Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Engraved Jewelry


and wonderful Personalized Gifts !


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We attempt to ship the NEXT business day........and we ship in a nice gift box. We can handle all your gift giving for you--right from your computer. All engraving is included !

We have an extensive Tuxedo Shirt and French Cuff Shirt Collection to show you for the cuff links and studs........featuring Gitman ShirtsF.A. MacCluer, and featuring Dann Custom Shirt Shop.

THE perfect gift for the Holidays, Graduation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Corporate, and Wedding Party. Please note---Items, once personalized, are not returnable. Please see my published article on Personalized Gifts as Keepsakes at the bottom of the page.



Please Note.........

When entering the monogram initials, please enter them in order of First Name, Middle Name, Last Name. In the examples above, this would be "JKB", in which the "B" is the first letter of the Last Name

We look forward to hearing from you !

Dennis & Joan Dann


Please note ! In some cases ....engraving has been blackened to enhance photography in samples shown. Actual engraving will not be black in color.

Engraving is the process of indenting the metal.


Engraved Belts and Buckles

TR Belt Strap and Buckle.jpg (32107 bytes)

from Trafalgar

Engraved with Your Monogram !



Engraved Blazer Buttons

Monogrammed !


with your Monogram ! or Greek Fraternity Letters

Blazer Buttons.jpg (26708 bytes)

wpe2B.jpg (3923 bytes)

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Engraved Tuxedo CuffLinks and Studs


with your Monogram ! or Greek Fraternity Letters

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Personalized Barware from Dann


Monogram Shop

Personalized Leather Wallets

TR Norwalk Wallets.jpg (88383 bytes) 

Personalized Leather Wallets

Our Finest !




Personalized Cross Pens & Pencils

Engraved !


Personalized Pocket Watch.jpg (40986 bytes)

Personalized Pocket Watches


Personalized Belt Buckles

Engraved with Your Monogram !


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Greek Letters Engraved

 Personalized Gifts

from Dann

Description: http://greece.mrdonn.org/greekalphabet.GIF

Blazer Buttons, Tuxedo Stud Sets, Money Clips, Sterling Silver

Elegant Sterling Silver Collection

wpe2B.jpg (7046 bytes)

London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons


Classic Century Pens

Personalized !


Personalized & Engraved Cufflinks

Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold

Personalized Pocket Knives


Engraved Mens Jewelry

with Your Monogram !

Watch and Jewelry Boxes

For Men and Women

Collegiate Sayings Engraved Cufflinks



Engraved Luggage Tags




Personalized Picnic Baskets

Personalized Country Picnic Baskets

with your three initials!

from Dann


 Engraved Money Clips


with your Monogram !


Money Clip Watches





Engraved Money Clips


Sterling Silver & 14 Kt Gold

& Trip Clip

tripclip.jpg (1490 bytes)

Personalized Key Rings

Personalized Belt Buckles

Engraved with your three initials !

Monogrammed Neckties

Embroidered with your three initials ! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery !

Monogrammed Sterling

Necklace Collection

Our Finest !........


2914std.jpg (25187 bytes)

Robert Talbott

Monogrammed Belt Buckles

Our Finest !

14 Karat Gold Collection

Men's Tuxedo Stud Sets

Our Finest !

Sterling Silver

Personalized ID Bracelets for Men

Our Finest Quality !

14 Karat Gold Blazer Buttons

Leather Wallet Collection

Personalized !

Personalized Leather Desk Wardrobes

Personalized with your Three Initials

Personalized Sterling Silver Collar Stays

Personalized Tie Bars

Sterling Silver & Gold Plate

Our best quality !

(Tie Bars are BACK !)

Personalized Sterling Silver Cufflinks


Initials Cuff Links

Men's Premier Valet


 Cedar Clothing Valet

Aromatic Red Cedar  


Personalized Name Bracelets

and more great Personalized Gifts............

Bengal Stripe.jpg (39470 bytes)  classic monogram.jpg (29488 bytes)    Whipstitched Shawl.jpg (30237 bytes)

Personalized Sleepwear Collection

619.jpg (7528 bytes)  

Personalized Barware from Dann

Men's Washburn Shoe Tree

Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees




wpe2B.jpg (3158 bytes)

Personalized Cedar Hangers

Waffle Kimono.jpg (109379 bytes)

Personalized Robes from Dann

Personalized Loungewear

classic monogram.jpg (29488 bytes)


Personalized Slate House Signs


Engraved Crystal Liquor Bottle

with Decanter Pump


100% Wool Hooked Pillows

Made by Hand





Memo Cube Collection


Personalized Entertaining with Style !

Personalized Garage Signs

Personalized Mailboxes with Style!

Personalized Glass Cutting Boards

Personalized Holiday Bar Glasses

Personalized Glass Cutting Boards

Personalized Baby Blankets 


Leather Journals

Custom Monogram Needlepoint Shoes

for Women



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Personalized Papers from Dann

Click here to return to cards



Personalized Copper Mailboxes

Personalized Barware from Dann

  Black Lorie Tote with Saddle Leather
Monogram Handbags and Totes


Personalized House Flags !

logo barware.jpg (72529 bytes)

Personalized Logo Barware


Monogrammed Mailboxes !

address plaque

Personalized Slate House Numbers


19" Coast Guard Approved Life Rings

Personalized Life Rings


Handcrafted Personalized Crocks

Custom BBQ Gifts

Personalized !


SALE: Memo & Wood Holder Set

Limited Edition Memo Note Set

Memo Gift Set

Personalized Wooden Cutting Boards


Ornate Monogram - Letter A

Your Monogram Sandstone Coasters

Personalized Cocktails Collection


Personalized Barware

Personalized Soap Dispenser

Name Your Own Pillow


Wool Hooked Pillows

Personalized Leather Desk Wardrobes

Personalized with your Three Initials


Cedar Shoe Kit

Executive Shoe Care Kit 

Personalized Pub Signs

gc255.jpg (34547 bytes)

Personalized & Engraved Men's Gifts

Monogram Program

Engraved Glassware



Embroidered and Personalized Luggage Tags

Allow 3 weeks for delivery !


Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !


Toiletry Bags Collection

Personalized !

For Women !




Personalized Beer Mugs


Necktie Case

Personalized !



Personalized Leather Jewelry Cases

For Women


Personalized Cutting Boards


Personalized Walnut Cutting Boards



Personalized & Embroidered Tags


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Drop us a line!

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Father's Day Shop from Dann


The Christmas Shop


Santorelli Trousers



Berle Trousers

Charleston Khakis




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Dann Men's Clothing

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French Cuff Shirts, Formalwear Shirts and Accessories

for your engraved jewelry !

hanging french cuff 2.jpg (20535 bytes)

Dann's French Cuff Shirt Collection

Gitman French Cuff Shirt Collection Gitman Tuxedo Shirt Collection
Dann Custom Shirt Shop Kenneth Gordon Tuxedo Shirt Collection
F.A. MacCluer French Cuff Shirt Collection Dann Formal Wear Accessories



ENGRAVED MEN'S Gifts as Keepsakes

By Dennis Dann

Engraving a fine personal accessory makes it immediately more special.....more personal.....

and a keepsake.

Its a wonderful pocket watch.....a really nice set of tuxedo stud sets....but as soon as there are initials on it...........it takes on a whole new world of importance. Suddenly it is personal...........and it becomes a gift or a personal choice that is not discarded the next year or two. It becomes a lifetime possession. An item that might have ended up at the bottom of the drawer or gotten thrown in jumbled box of items at a garage sale, once personalized, is now highly valued.

Suddenly it will be a keepsake for a grandchild after you are gone.

I have cuff links, which I wear, that were my Dad's. I also have watches which belonged to by Dad and to my Grandfather--- both have their initials. These mean the world to me and I will pass these on to my sons. I also have many items with my own initials. Many of these have been gifts from special people and from special times.Most engraved items have room for three initials........with the last name initial the most prominent in the middle. Some will have room for a full name (up to 12 letters) in block or script or even Greek Letters.......some will have room for a date or year..........which really bumps up the importance of a particular item.

Gold plate and Sterling Silver gifts of this nature make wonderful and treasured gifts for Graduation, Bar Mitzvah, wedding..........and wedding party...........and for someone special. Tuxedo Stud Sets, Blazer Buttons, money clips, letter openers, belt buckles (both casual and dressy), as well as pocket watches, wrist watches, luggage tags and pocket knives. There are some nice desk and bar items and even some permanent plates that can be personalized for luggage. These items do not need to be Gold or Sterling Silver to be considered important........the metal really is secondary.

These were chosen for you.......with your initials or name..........that's what is important.


Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 35 years. He currently ships
Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide through his website at
www.Dann-Online.com with Dann Men's Clothing, Dann Formal Shop, Cuff Link Ink,
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Personalized Gifts from Dann, Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann, The Christmas Shop for Men, Dann Shearling & Leather Shop, The Golf Shop from Dann. He can be reached via his website at



We have a 30 day return policy for items that have not been altered, monogrammed, damaged, scratched, laundered or worn or are Custom/Special orders for merchandise credit to your original credit card or Dann-Online Credit.



Personalized Barware Collection