Bills Khakis Travel Twill Pant from Dann Clothing, Free Hemming, Intl Shipments Bills Khakis Travel Twill Pant from Dann Clothing,Free Hemming Intl Shipments

Bills Khakis

Travel Twill Trouser

from Dann Clothing



The perfect Travel Khaki Trouser !

Free hemming ! Intl Shipments !


NOW the BEST SELLING Bill's Trouser.


Made in USA

7.5 ounce.....



 Made in USA of Imported Fabric
32.5% Cotton /32.5% Tencel/35% Poly
Machine Washable



Complete Collection !





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Bills Khakis

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Travel Twill Pant

7.5 Ounce

32.5% Cotton /32.5% Tencel/35% Poly


Pant Size: 


Colors:   3 COLORS


We are happy to finish the bottoms of your Bills Trousers for you but

---please note---

once tailored they are non-returnable.


Hem Options:

Inseam ---Bills suggests adding a 1/2 inch for shrinkage if you are planning on washing the trousers yourself.



Price:  $185.00



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