Beard and Mustache Grooming Kit

from Dann Clothing

Elegant set in rich buttery soft Italian Calfskin. Filled with the finest implements....a Brush, a Comb and scissors.

I have a beard myself and am enjoying this set.

We look forward to sending you some of our fine Grooming Accoutrements !






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1920 Connie, Otto & George



Beard and Mustache Grooming Kit

Filled with a Brush, a Comb and scissors

Soft Italian Calfskin


Price:  $85.00

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Ultimate Leather Hanging Toilet Kit
from Adventure Bags
Oil tanned Antique Leather
Black, Brown
12.5 x .75 x 19
  • Hangs from door with rubber covered brass hook
  • Top lining snaps loose to reveal large flat pocket
  • Washable nylon lining
  • Double snap pockets
  • Zippered pockets
Price:  $155.00


All Leather

 Black All Leather Travel Case

9.5 Long X 6 High X 3.5 Deep



All Leather Toiletries Kit

Price:   $95.00
Color: Black
Fragrances....All-purpose Lotions and After Shaves...

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Royall Fragrance

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St. John

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Dann Mens Grooming Kits

Featuring Solingen Implements



Barber Shop Collection

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Mouthwash Bottle with Dispenser Pump


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Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !



Camila Handmade Combs

From France---in classic patterns !

For Men & Women


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