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Vintage Classics Collection

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Probably need a calculator to add up the years that I have known Bobby Goodman ! He was with Frank Borenstein, a Fashion Industry Clothing Great, for so many years as his right arm. Bobby is incredibly talented with a vast understanding of the better market. Here is his Vintage Classics Collection......meant to become "old friends" of yours in your closet. Sort of like Bobby himself.... a great old friend and family man......all that happiness seems to exude from his neckwear.

While Repp Stripes are TIMELESS .....always a Classic............they do also drift on and off the "Fashion Pages". If you notice all the News Commentators are wearing Repps these sign of their being "IN". So if looking for "Fashion Plate" status......this is it.



100% Silk

Hand Sewn Neckwear, Made in USA

3 1/4"

Victorious crew.

133149 Repp Stripe

No 1
Two Color Bar Stripe
Price  $79.50

133183 Repp Stripe

No 2
Two Color Thin Stripe
Price  $79.50


133318 Repp Stripe

No 3
Classic Repp Stripe
Price  $79.50

133148 Repp Stripe

No 4
Classic Repp Stripe ll
Price  $79.50



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