Classic Raincoat

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Dann's Classic All Weather Raincoat....

.........timeless classic......Colors Black or Tan


Thinsulate lining ---Zip Out Lining ! Teflon treated.

 The perfect addition to your wardrobe....Wide range of sizes---

60% Cotton/40% Polyester


Sizes 36-60 in Reg,

Sizes 36 -48 in Short

Sizes 40-60 in Long




Great for travel & the rigors of daily use.

We look forward to sending you one today (or BOTH colors !)


Good Coats are really hard to find. Especially resonably priced for great quality......and in a broad range of size.

We are really happy to offer this to you.



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 Dann's Classic All Weather Raincoat
Price:  $195.00
Coat Size: 

Reg, Short, Long
Color:  Black
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 Dann's Classic All Weather Raincoat
Price:  $195.00
Coat Size: 
 Reg, Short, Long
Color:  Tan

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