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Since 1845

Personalized !

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"Reward Achievement with the Classic Emblem of Success"

Luxury Writing Instruments.....and beautiful Desk Sets !

Free Engraving and Personalization on all of our pens, pencils and desk sets....


The Perfect Gift !


We are pleased to offer this collection to the legions of loyal Cross Followers.









Classic Century Pens

Personalized !



Special Pens

18 Karat Gold

Personalized !


Desk Sets

Cross Desk Sets

Personalized !

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Personalized Papers

& Executive Gifts !



Great Coordinates....


Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


Trafalgar Wallets and Gifts

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Trafalgar Braces

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Trafalgar Formal Braces

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Keys and Lockwood Woven Neckwear


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Shoe & Closet Accessories

The Gustbuster

Wind-tunnel tested umbrella !


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Dann Formal Footwear

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Dann Studio Italian Footwear

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L.B. Evans Slippers

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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing



Monogram Round Paperweight



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Dann Studio Gifts

Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection

from Dann



Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets

Robert Talbott Collection

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Dann Handsewns & Saddles

Custom Silk Robes

Personalized Leather Desk Wardrobes

Personalized with your Three Initials



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Dann Mens Suit Headquarters



Black Lorie Tote with Saddle Leather
Monogram Handbags and Totes



Men's Elite Shoe Tree

Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees



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