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Menswear Suit Headquarters

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Complete Collection of sizes....quality....price....


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Incredible quality.....beautiful yarns......


.....are basically year-round garments.


Timeless classic suits to have in your closet for years to come.

Whether you are a businessman, an undergrad.....Grad Student.....Law Clerk.....Intern or successful Alum.........these suits will give you great wardrobe mileage.


A little polish will carry you far in life.



We offer an incredible array (we think !) of sizes and different price points.......sure to be able to fit you and find the quality you are seeking.

Now also offering.....New Modern Fit ! Trim Tailored


We look forward to sending you one of these for this season !





Dann Classic Summer Suits



New Carbon Blue Suit


Traditional or Modern Fit




Corbin Year-Round Suits

With Extra Trousers !


Corbin Stock Clothing - Suit Seperates


Gianni Manzoni Clothing



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Dann Classic Collection
Solid Suits
Timeless Stripes


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H. Freeman Collection


Made in America.

Now also offering.....New Modern Fit ! Trim Tailored


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Everything on this suit stretches: fabric, lining and waistband.

Trim Fit Suits
& Tuxedos

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Dann Portly Classic Collection




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Dann Contemporary Black Suits


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Poplin & Seersucker Suits
Extensive Sizing !

 Regular, Short, Long, Extra Longs

Uniform Collection

Uniform Suits.....Mens and Womens....
for your GROUP----Committee.....Club......Event
Email us !
Dann Private Stock
Suits, Blazers, Sportcoats

Dress Belts

Dann Necktie Collection



Gift Certificates

The 10 Minute Holiday Shopping Trip


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The perfect compliment...

Engraved Blazer Buttons....

Personalized Gifts from Dann


London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons



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Dann Big & Tall

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Dann Portly Collection


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Dann Short Collection


Personalized Cuff Links

Hand Enamelled

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Dann Customized Shirts

(Custom Made Easy 1-2-3)


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Danns' French Cuff Shirt Collection


Cable Sweaters !

100% Peruvian Cotton and 100% Premium Alpaca



Dann Wrinkle Free Sport Shirts



Murray Hill Bag Collection
Dress Shirts & Sport Shirts
by Gitman




Womenswear from Dann


Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001VL16072a.jpg (34826 bytes)

Dann Valets


Torino Exotic Leather Belt Collection

Torino Exotic Leather Wallets


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for an Old School Vintage look........

Authentic Regimental Stripes Necktie Collection


Dann Watch Shop


Engraved Belt Buckles

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Elegant Correspondence Cards

Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Our largest sets !

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address



Personalized & Engraved Cufflinks

Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold

Custom Silk Robes

Titanic Oceanliner Barware



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Your University Bookstore from Dann


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St John's Bay Rum

from Dann Clothing


Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !


F1005 - Leather Briefcase Flap Over - Adventure

Adventure Bags


Patterned Trafalgar Braces

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The Essentials for Gentlemen from Dann

Socks & Boxers



comao comaoo
Italian Tassle Loafer Footwear
Wonderful High Quality Dress Shoes




Alan Payne Shoe Collection



  Alligator Wallets.jpg (64043 bytes)   Alligator Slim Card Case Wallet: Available in 9 Colors

Wallets & Gifts

Fun new Colors !

TR Norwalk Wallets.jpg (88383 bytes)   Alligator Double Billfold Wallet: Available in 9 Colors






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Authentic Regimental Stripes Neckwear

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall


Young Boys Collection

For the Well-Dressed Young Gentleman !




Timeless Classic Knit Shirts Collection

Great Value !

Pop your Blazer over a Polo Knit Shirt .....& you are good to go just about anywhere !





 Dann Private Stock

All Cotton Khakis


Reg, Short, Long


Blazers in a variety of colors

Club Blazers

Mens & Womens !




 Luggage & Bag Collection

Personalized !

New Power Up Briefs !


Men's Elite Shoe Tree

Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees



Personalized Bar Glasses



Travel & Business Cases

Murray Hill

 Bag Collections

from Dann Clothing



Elegant Engraved Martini !



Patterned and Solid Braces

Casual and Formal


Reg & XL


sar8 sat2venus  sar9

Conversational Braces

Reg and XL

Personalized Stationery

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Personalized Papers

& Executive Gifts !



Grand Memo Set with Acrylic Holder


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Drop us a line!

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Dann Men's Clothing




Dann Classic Private Stock