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Travel the world over....and at the best value. We work to obtain extra perks for you...VIP status, etc.

Travel with someone who truly understands the upscale cruise industry.

Celebrating our 25th year !


Now booking World Cruises & Grand Voyages......and other luxury cruises of all lengths. Many at the last minute !

Sometimes you find your life has opened up and you can just pick up and GO. Let us help you.

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Here's our story.......

I have a great love of cruise ships.....the wanderlust of travel......the history of the ocean liners.....and just being out on the sea.

You can travel almost anywhere in the world on a ship...........parked in one stateroom with your own balcony......and such wonderful food and service in familiar "Western Food" and other amenities that you will be comfortable with. Dennis and I often are Hosts to groups onboard the luxury ships and it is our favorite way to travel. Our kids have grown up cruising---it is also their favorite way to travel and see the world.

All cruise lines are different..........each has its own personality............

our specialty is that we understand how to match YOUR personality and budget to the cruise line that will give you the vacation you are dreaming of.

In addition to my 25+ years as a Cruise Specialist........my 49+ voyages (including  World Cruise long voyages)........I have had a busy career in the better clothing industry for 40+ years.

Bottom line----I have a GREAT understanding (I do believe) of the upscale customer -----in all aspects of their life. We have a unique combination of expertise !

Cruise ships really know how to cater to the upscale customer.........and this is the customer that we understand. We are a part of one of the very largest travel organizations in the country ..........we help people from all over the US to plan their cruise vacations........and at the best value in the industry ! After 25+ years......we are very proud of our experience in the cruise industry and feel we have a great deal to offer you.

We are big believers in this kind of a vacation.............no packing and unpacking......most meals and entertainment are included....no rental car.....no deciding what where to go to dinner............and you can see the world from a cruise ship ! 

While this started as my passion-----Dennis quickly joined in. He loves this mode of travel as much as I do. Please join our mailing list ! When we are planning to Host a group for Signature---we would love to have you join us ! We have travelled EXTENSIVELY----------with many more places to go.

Here is something my husband Dennis Dann thinks is fantastic-------Golf all over the world !...........via a Cruise Ship ! 

Many of the larger cruise ships offer private lessons, driving ranges, and putting greens on board. Packages generally include round-trip transportation to the course, greens fees, and a shared cart. You can also rent clubs--and shoes at some courses--if you don’t want to bring your own along. Golf the finest courses---everywhere!

Cruise Ships also have fabulous Spa's.........are a great place to get Married and have everything taken care of for you.....a long voyage is a great place to write a book or your memoires........the possibilities just go on and on. Certainly the World Cruisers all get to know one another so there is ample opportunity to make fond friendships........and many you will see again NEXT YEAR !

Email me and let's plan something for you !

Joan Dann

Please see my published article on "How to pick a World Cruise that is right for you !"



And....."How to Pack for a World Cruise or Grand Voyage"


Also visit our other webpage.....https://www.luxurylastminutecruises.com/

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A few notes on World Cruises............the trip of a Lifetime !

Magellan led the first World Cruise, and since then it's been the ultimate way to explore the world in luxurious comfort. We showcase all to the World Cruises....Regent, Silversea, Cunard, Crystal, Holland America, Princess.....all over these exquisite long voyages.


As proud members of Signature Travel Network, we offer many extra amenities with our full World Cruises !


 We have an onboard Host.....included Shore Excursions in addition to any that may be offered by the Cruise line for World Cruisers....Special Cocktail Parties....onboard credits...(all in addition to those that may be offered by the cruise line themselves)

....plus a very nice Gift Certificate (based upon the full world voyage and category selected)

from Dann Men's Clothing.

You will want plenty of Formalwear choices for the many Formal evenings at sea....several new pair of Golf Pants and Shorts....Knit Shirts...etc.

(To our knowledge...this is a special perk unmatched by anyone.)

Also....it cannot be stressed enough. When you book a World Cruise, you will want to book with someone with years of experience with the better lines. We will help you go around the world...with all of the proper documents and Visas.....etc.

Please email us....we will call you at a convenient time for you. We look forward to helping you.

Joan Dann



 See one of my published articles at the bottom of the page..........

"The Elegant Packing Light List for a Cruise".


Please Email Us!.......... We look forward to helping you !



"Some people have good therapists...others have really good travel agents."

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We sail all the better cruise lines, river cruises.....and tall ships...............and will find just the right one for you ...........

Not all ships are the same ! We know the differences, current status & updates......put yourself in our hands.


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 We have an onboard Host.....included Shore Excursions in addition to any that may be offered by the Cruise line for World Cruisers....Special Cocktail Parties....onboard credits...(all in addition to those that may be offered by the cruise line themselves)

....plus a very nice Gift Certificate (based upon the voyage and category selected)

from Dann Men's Clothing.


Please see my published article on "How to pick a World Cruise that is right for you !"



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The Elegant (but Lightweight) Pack List for a Cruise

By Joan Dann, Great Explorations ! Travel

Packing light is challenging for an elegant cruise. What you bring on
a cruise depends a great deal of the kind of ship it is.........casual or
elegant.........and your plans for "fine dining".

With today's newest and very stringent 50 pound weight limit for bags
on airlines, packing well for a vacation became just a bit harder. If you
are sailing a ship with all the elegant evenings, this takes special
forethought on your part. Even though they say that its two formal evenings,
three "informal" and two "casual"........you are sitting in such elegant
surroundings and eating a wonderful 5 course meal (with incredible
service)...........you will want to look your best every evening ! Consider
that this will be like a fabulous dinner party every night ! One more great
things about cruise ships is that you unpack once. Once something is in your
closet onboard--you are set. But now that your suitcase can only contain 50
pounds, or you pay a surcharge, you must really think this through ahead of

Here are some of my thoughts...........
Most ships provide robes, beach towels (both on deck and if you are
going ashore to the beach) and hair dryers...all depending on your level of
accomodation. Check on this for your particular cruise............and if
they are provided then leave these items at home.....that's half a suitcase
right there !

Ladies----If you are planning on "fine dining"-----Think thru 7
wonderful evenings of dinners and cocktails beforehand. Think Black !! Black
or cream flowy pants or skirts topped with several different jackets, dressy
dinner jackets, big satiny tops..........if you pack separates you will have
so much more milage. Bring several evenings handbags......a nice selection
of jewelry........several different pair of dressy shoes..........several
bright colored Pashmina-type shawls are PERFECT. This will give you lots of
color over your basics and different little accessories to mix and match.
These little things that do not take up much room but will make allllllllll
the difference. Remember...........half the beauty of cruising is that you
have these elegant evenings. On a recent cruise, I brought 2 jackets with
me --one Black flowy elegant one that worked well with black accessories and
flowy black pants for elegant evenings and one Coral one (for a punch of
color over basic bottoms) and wore my Navy Blue Blazer on the plane with me.
In addition to dinner, we had lunch in the nice dining room three times,
breakfast there twice and High Tea one afternoon. All worked over basic
bottoms. (I love to wear my Navy Double Breasted Blazer over cream or white
pants--I always feel so nautical !) For casual clothes, you will want fun
things............some wrap skirts..........bathing suit (or two !) and
cover-ups (bright sarongs are great), flip-flops & fitness workout clothes
(be sure to bring a pair of sneakers for the workout room and to wear for
shore trips). Cruises can be so romantic and you will feel so pampered, be
sure to bring along a soft and silky robe and negligee as well.
Now.....stand back. Carefully look at what you have......and then possibly
edit yet again. For the lightest wardrobe........take only black basics, a
cream or white pant, and lots of accessories. The online shopping shows sell
a great number of those nice knit wardrobe sets that really look great and
are really elegant. Order a Black Jacket and Pant and long skirt. They roll
up and you can accessorize them like crazy ! Be sure you have some sort of
Jewelry Roll for jewelry. I do not wear all that much jewelry at home but
when you are dressing for dinner every night on a cruise, its the bracelets
and necklaces that I have collected in our travels that I reach for. For
shoes I bring one pair of little gold flats that are elegant and a pair of
Black "Slides" heels.......that work with everything including being fine
for elegant evenings in addition to the flip-flops and sneakers. I also have
a pair of black flat sandals with little straps on them. They do not take up
any room, are comfortable and work with everything from casual to elegant.

Kids------Remember no shorts in the nice dining rooms ! I have found
that kids really love these nice evenings and dressing up. Be sure they
bring some nice pants, dress shoes, dresses, a Navy Blazer for boys as the
elegant dinners are really a great experience for them. Where else can they
have 5 courses of anything they want ?? Shrimp cocktails and lobster always
a hit. Teenage boy still hungry ?? What else would he like ? Another lobster
tail ? (Take lots of pictures-this can be great family time !) I also feel
that this has been a wonderful opportunity to expose our kids to Fine

Men---Quite Easy ! (Of course !) Tuxedo -optional...........but very
nice for the formal evenings. (Certain ships it is not optional) Dark Suits
also work on some ships.You may consider bringing two tuxedo shirts or two
different sets of Tuxedo Stud Sets for variety. Navy or basic blazer and
dress pants...dress and sport shirts...several neckties....dress
shoes.....khaki pants....knit shirts.....basic shorts....workout
clothes...casual shoes...sneakers...flip-flops....bathing suit....golf
clothes if golfing ashore. Hawaiian type shirt for fun ! A short sleeve
linen solid sport shirt with a collar is lightweight and perfect for casual
evenings.So much depends on the kind of cruise ship you are sailing. (By the
way, Golf shoes as well as golf equipment can be rented.) For longer or very
elegant cruises, I highly recommend a White Dinner Jacket, as there is
simply nothing more dashing. (On a recent 21 day Seabourn Mediterranean
cruise, my clients had 6 Formal nights ! You need something other than one
black tuxedo for all of this !)

You can check two bags with the airlines and carry-on one more. With
the new weight rules of a 50 pound limit, people are finding that carrying
two of the mid-size suitcase is a better choice than one giant one. I
carry-on a garment bag (full of my dress clothes) and a very full large
purse. Bring some sort of granola bars or snacks, bottled water, your meds,
and reading material with you on the plane.....airport and runway delays are
all too common and food is no longer served onboard as it once was. Also, I
always carry-on my bathing suit and sarong and some of my evening clothing
in the hanging bag with me. If my luggage is lost, I will still have
something to wear to dinner and can go to the pool ! (I do not find
replacing a bathing suit at all easy ! There are nightmare stories of
luggage lost and people sailing with the clothes on their back only.)

Other Good Basic tips.....

~Buy on collapsible, fold-up carryon bag. We have one at the bottom of
our suitcase constantly--never take it out----and cannot tell you how many
times its service has been enlisted for new purchases. My husband and I each
have one and both were used on our last cruise.
~ Pack a pad of Post-It notes to leave messages for your cabin steward
(you will get to know him !), family, and shipboard friends.
~ Have a supply of one-dollar bills handy for tipping airport skycaps
and porters at the pier.
~ Don't pack photo film in checked luggage as new airport screening
equipment could ruin it. Put it in your carry-on instead. Bring plenty
of film and Batteries (even if you don't think you need batteries ! )

~ One of my traveler friends told me about putting a rubber band
around wallets in your back pocket will inhibit pickpockets. Some "ports of
call" have large pick-pocket communities....unfortunately.

~ Toss a few empty plastic bags into your suitcase. You may need them
later to pack dirty or damp clothes or for creams or shampoo bottles.

~Walkie-Talkies are great for families sailing. Great way to
communicate and stay in touch ! (Particularly important if you are traveling
with teenagers !)

~ Tuck fabric softener sheets between garments as you pack to keep
clothing fresh during travels. Foot-powder spray for your shoes (you may be
doing a lot of walking) and some sort of freshener for the bathroom.

~ Bring your own travel alarm clock most staterooms do not have them.
Be sure to wear a watch on a cruise as well. Your daily schedule will become
a well-worn piece of paper that is with you at all times.....chock full of
great lectures, classes, events, parties, floor shows, Casino
Events...etc.etc. Bring your own way to keep track of the time.

~A nightlight is great for inside cabins, particularly. They are DARK.

~ This idea is for anyone who lives in a colder climate and is
traveling in winter to a warm weather cruise. When you put your summer
away for the winter, set aside the casual outfits, sandals, swimwear, and
sleepwear you want to wear on your cruise and store them in the suitcase you
plan to use. You'll be at least half packed and won't be hunting down an
outfit or a pair of shoes later. You will also free up some drawer and/or
space at the same time. Hang your evening clothes in a separate area of your
closet and pack them when you're ready to leave for your trip.

~ Pre-address stick-on labels for postcards to the folks back home &
you won't have to carry along a bulky address book. Don't forget email
addresses !! All ships today are "connected" and you may want to fire off a
quick note to family and friends....maybe even forward photos to
them....from the ship.

~All those elegant and lovely Five-course meals at night need a bottle
of wine ! Did you know that you can carry on your own wine and will simply
have to pay a $10 or $15 corkage fee (plus tip) ? When you consider that you
already own many of these bottles and that the normal price onboard starts
at $40....you are ahead of the game by packing and bringing your own. Simply
divide them up.....wrapped in a plastic grocery bag.....amidst soft
clothing. I have done this often and have not had one break yet. But check
on this ahead of traveling....some cruise lines no longer offer this option
and many have made recent changes.

~ Binoculars ---lightweight, small ones..........particularly for
Alaska, Hawaii, Europe !

~A compact umbrella. I now carry one that is tiny--6" long--in a
little carrying case.

~Your own insulated water bottle with carrying strap. Another great
item to have in your tote to carry ashore. I fill with some on that non-stop
ice cold water my Cabin Steward keeps constantly refreshing.

~A hanging Toiletries kit for the tiny bathroom. Limited counter space
is always a problem so making good use of vertical space is a good idea. I
cannot tell you how valuble this item is in those small bathrooms ! It is
found space.

~ Print cards with your name, address, phone number, & email address
to share with new friends. Having your cards handy sure beats hunting
for pens & scribbling on scraps of paper to swap addresses. Fun,
inexpensive, colorful cards can be ordered online from a company called
www.vistaprint.com. (Allow plenty of time to order and receive these !)

~ Leave any paperback novels you've finished for the crew library.
You'll have more room in your suitcase and crewmembers will have fresh
reading material--they will really appreciate this !

~ Don't forget to pack and USE your sunscreen. Why take the chance of
a nasty sunburn ruining a great cruise vacation? Protect your skin from
injury and aging. Throw in something for Sunburn too. People have a way of
overdoing on vacation.

~Emergencies can happen...if they did you would want important info at your
fingertips...A strong suggestion that everyone carry the following important
items with them at all times on a vacation outside of the United States
(this includes all cruises): Make two copies of your passport, driver's
license, and credit cards before leaving home-in addition to your Cruise
Documents, and Trip Travel Insurance. Leave one set of copies in a safe
place on your ship. Leave the other copies of Trip Travel Insurance with a
friend or family member at home. Also a good idea....
A laminated color copy of the front page of your passport
A laminated copy of your U.S. driver's license (could be on the back side of
your passport
A credit card with at least $10,000 available credit
Enough cash to resolve potential issues
Complete contact information (including emergency contact information)
Travel Insurance policy number, copy of the policy, and contact number for
Any special medical instructions that would be mandatory in an emergency
medical situation A way to reach your Travel Agent "24/7"---ask them for
that number !

If the ship's purser holds your passport (which is sometimes the case, to
expedite clearing the ship in foreign ports), carry the passport copy ashore
with you.

~ Check the balance of your on-board account before the end of your
cruise. Straighten out any discrepancies immediately (check your balance a
couple of times during your cruise) and avoid a long line at the Purser's
Desk that last morning after your final bill arrives. Actually, try to do
the final late in the afternoon of the last night...try to beat the rush !
Many ships now have the ability to do this on the tv monitor in your
stateroom. It is really quite easy and avoids those long lines.

~ Don't you all look gorgeous in your formal attire? Have a family
taken to preserve the memory. There's no obligation to purchase any
photos you don't care for.

~Don't forget work out clothes. They say you can gain 2 pounds a day
on a cruise ship from all the fabulous food ! "You come on as a passenger
and leave as cargo." Bring your sneakers and get ready to sweat a little at
a class or in the exercise room. Relax afterwards in their wonderful saunas
and steam rooms. The onboard steam rooms are one of my absolute favorite
things to do.

~and my all time favorite..........(depending on what type of trip,
ship, elegance level etc etc)...........bring t-shirts you might want to
work out in.......sleep in..........tour in...that you will wear and leave
behind as they are dirty.......this will give you room in your suitcase for
your wonderful purchases made while traveling....a little more room in a
drawer at home for your new purchases once you return. This is a VERY
important tip if you are trying to pack light. Let's say you are planning to
sail the Mediterranean this summer for 10 days. You are flying over 4 days
early to do some touring..........maybe flying into Paris but then sailing
out of Rome. Packing "disposable clothing" for those 4 days is really a
great idea.

Have a wonderful trip ..........Bon Voyage !........there is no better
way to travel, in my opinion.

Joan Dann can be reached via her website at
www.Dann-Online.com and
email her at
She is President of Great Explorations ! Travel and a Cruise Expert.
She is also Co-Owner of Dann Mens Clothing & Dann Formal Wear as well as
other upscale shops at
and has 30+ years in
the better clothing business.