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Kenneth Gordon High Quality Men's Dress Shirts


Please note !! ALL now shipped with a GITMAN label



Non-Iron - button down collarNon-Iron - spread collar

Non-Iron - point collarNon-Iron - spread collar


And from Gitman

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80's 2-Ply Oxford Collection

A Mainstay Program.....

offered in SIX styles...



Button Down

Spread Collar

Point Collar

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French Cuff Shirt




Big & Tall

80's 2-Ply Oxford


Formal Wear Shirts


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Kenneth Gordon Features.....

..a long list of Quality points !....

*3 piece Collar, top shell, bottom shell & Natural Fiber Lining

*Collar Pressing: 3 Separate pressing phases during construction

*Hand Set pocket on the shirt

* Hand formed box pleat on the back

*Split Yoke Construction

*Should joining seams are sewn twice, 1-inside, 1-outside

*Hand Folded sleeve placket

*3-piece(layers) cuffs, hand shaped, hand pressed

*Single Needle Tailoring

*Hand turned & stitched bottem hem

*Buttonholes are 186 stitches per inch

*Each shirt is hand trimmed prior to pressing

*Hand pressed, hand folded


We think ----a terrific shirt that you will be very pleased with !