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A-4t Super Yankee Series Field Watches

Field Watches

Solid Titanium

(My Dad and Uncle.....1918 Trendsetters !  Dennis Dann)

(My Father in Law---Glenn---on active duty in the South Pacific WWII. 33rd Infantry)

Tasteful......Exceptional quality.....Solid Titanium Watches......old world elegance meets new age technology ! Authentic materials---attention to detail---

Rugged and enduring quality timepieces that are appropriate for work and play....designed carefully to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Solid Titanium Case, 100M Water resistance, screw-down crown, screw-in case back, mineral glass crystal


The A-4T Super Yankee™ authentic vintage design is inspired by WWII U.S. Military watches. It features across the board performance enhancements, resulting in a field watch that is unmatched in the market. At the core of the Super Yankee™, is our U.S. Patented 44 mm titanium Unibody™ case containing a gold plated jeweled movement that features a lithium cell battery with a 10 year life that continuously powers this precision movement... this results in long term trouble free accuracy & reliability. Loaded with impressive features and materials, all carefully executed to deliver performance, durability, lightweight comfort, and long lasting value in this classic timepiece.


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Leather Watch Box





Working Watch Cuff Links

Gold Stainless Steel Functional Watch Cufflinks Stainless Steel Functional Watch Cufflinks




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Offered in Leather Strap models and Nylon Strap models...


• Equipped with our legendary U.S. Patented solid titanium Unibody™ case for extreme durability and comfort
• Active Comfort™ ergonomic 4 o'clock crown does not impinge wrist movement
• Integrated unbreakable titanium band retention lug bars
• Long lasting U.S. Patented B-TYPE Heavy-Duty nylon webbing band
• Made in USA D-Type Heritage™ leather band
• One size fits all to larger
• LBI - Low Battery Indicator feature will cause the second hand to skip, indicating it's time to change the battery, the watch will continue to keep time for 3 months

Leather Straps

Price: $295.00






NEW American Tan Leather Strap


Price: $255.00





Nylon Straps
Olive Super Yankee Series with Blackface
Water Resistant,   with solid titanium buckle and keeper
Price: $285.00
BLACK  Super Yankee Series with Blackface
Water Resistant,   with solid titanium buckle and keeper
Price: $285.00




Great for WALKERS....Runners....Construction....Boating....Fishing...


Everyone needs one of these ! Makes a great gift.

A-2T Nautical Series




Blackface with Orange Reflective Stripes Band


Price: $110.00



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