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Luxury Sportcoats

100% Camel Hair

from Dann Mens Clothing



Luxurious Cashmere and Camel Hair Sportcoats.......such a wonderful addition to your closet ! Dress them up or down......Contemporary or Classic.

We look forward to sending you one of these for this season !


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and may we suggest........

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The perfect compliment...Engraved Blazer Buttons....

Personalized Gifts from Dann

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Luxury Collection Sport Coats

Camel Hair

100% Camel Hair



In the day of Royalty and Courts, Camel Hair fabric was considered a gift for Kings and Emperors.  Garments made of this fabric are known for their soft, luxurious and enduring qualities.  Expertly tailored with soft shoulders, full lining and center vent are an elegant part of a man's wardrobe.  


Perfect for any holiday gathering.




Two Button.....

in both Timeless Camel


In Regular, Shorts, Longs


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Camel Hair

100% Imported Camel Hair

2 Button, Single Breasted, Center Vent  


$425.00 REG

Coat Size: 

Coat Style: Two Button

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Camel Hair

100% Imported Camel Hair

2 Button, Single Breasted, Center Vent  


Big and Tall !




Price:  $450.00


Coat Size:    BIG TALL Sizing

 REG, Long and EXTRA Long


Coat Style: TWO Button







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NAVY 100% Cashmere

100% Imported

2 Button, Single Breasted, SIDE Vent  


NAVY 100% Cashmere



$650.00 REG

Coat Size: 

Coat Style: Two Button


SALE: Memo & Wood Holder Set


1000 Sheets of Memo Sheets

A Perfect Gift for the Exec, Grad, Promotion....






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 Fall & Winter Patterned Trousers

100% Wool

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To properly care for your Dann Clothing...

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Trafalgar Belts and Braces

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Robert Talbott Neckwear

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Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear

Proman Products Manchester Chair Valet #PPVL16123

Dann Valets


The Christmas Shop

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Dann Cashmere Shop

Snooty Fox Barware

Loop Optic Handmade Handblown



Viyella Robes

The Complete Collection !



Byford Cashmere Sweaters
100% PURE Cashmere


Personalized Cutting Boards
Handcrafted in the USA

The 10 MINUTE Holiday Shopping Plan
----one for every household on your list !



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