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100% Worsted  Wool

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Crisp Fall Days........the first snow of the Winter Season......casual yet elegant house parties......brunch at the club.....Holiday parties...

the rich hues of these timeless Berle Plaids, Tartans and Houndstooth trousers to pair with a great sweater or blazer.



Order Early ! Very Limited !

Free Hemming on Berle's ! Please note....once we hem them they are non-returnable as they have been customized just for you.

We do not recommend this unless you are familiar with Berle and the specific Berle model you are ordering. One model can fit differently from another.




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Double Reverse Pleat


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Plain Front, Classic Fit



Fall Fancies

100% Worsted  Wool

Super 100's


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Blackwatch Tartan

100% Worsted Wool


Pleated or Plain Front

Price: $185.00
Pant Size: 




Red Royal Stewart Tartan

100% Worsted Wool


Pleated or Plain Front

Pant Size: 
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Glen Plaid

98% Worsted Wool, 2% Lycra


Pleated or Plain Front




Pant Size: 


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Black & White Houndstooth

98% Worsted Wool, 2% Lycra


Pleated or Plain Front


Price: $167.50

Pant Size: 




Great for warmer climates .....or year round wear !

Lighter weight Tropical 100% Wool






100% Worsted Wool

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A Classic ! This is available year round !

Black & White Houndstooth


Black & White Houndstooth

100% Worsted Wool--TROPICAL

Year Round Weight


Pleated or Plain Front



Price:  $150.00

Pant Size: 


Regular, Short & Long !!


195 Cords

Berle Corduroy Trousers

Charleston Khakis Corduroys Trousers


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Free Hemming on Berle ! 

Berle Trousers

Charleston Khakis


Tartan Plaid Blanket Collection

100% Wool & 100% Cotton



Fun Christmas Patterned Belts
Reg and Big/Tall sizes
Made up to Order !


Baxter- Full Grain Latigo Product Image
Handcrafted Belts in the USA


Tartan Umbrellas


Camel Hair Sportcoats


Dann Private Stock

Seasonal Sportcoats

Regulars, Shorts, Portly,  Longs, Extra Longs !

Amazing selection of Size !


The Perfect Compliment to your Berle Dress Trousers!

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Now available at Great Explorations! Luggage


marco3  marco4

Dann Footwear

Handcrafted Genuine Hand-sewns, Loafers and Driving Shoes

& More




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Pinpoint Oxford


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Point and Spread Shirt Collection


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Button Down Dress Shirt Collection


Holiday Neckties


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Our Favorite Dress Up Denim Shirt

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Dann Cashmere Shop



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Berle Spring Patterned Trousers


Tartan Plaid Blanket Collection


To properly care for your Dann Clothing...

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Trafalgar Belts and Braces


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Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear



Pantherella Comfort-Top Socks


Complete Collection....

Charleston Khakis

Peru Unlimited

Knit Shirts



Seabiscuit, Pilsner, 16oz - Click Image to Close

Pilsner Barware

Wonderful selection of patterns.....

Trout, Pilsner, 16oz - Click Image to Close


195 Cords

Berle Corduroy

Classic Wide Wale Trousers




Personalized Cutting Boards
Handcrafted in the USA

The 10 MINUTE Holiday Shopping Plan
----one for every household on your list !



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Fun Holiday Trousers for Men



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