Titanic Collection Barware Collection from Dann, Titanic Oceanliner Crystal Bar Glasses, Loop Optic Handblown




Bar Glasses & Barware Collection

from Dann

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Glasses & Barware !

R.M.S Titanic

What an iconic ship !


Titanic Wine glasses, Brandy Snifters, Cocktail Glasses, Pilsners, Mugs, Highballs, Decanters...


Makes a wonderful gift ! Shipped in a beautiful gift box.......


Great for Titanic history buffs, cruisers enthusiasts, and avid "Around the World" Cruise & Grand Voyage cruisers particularly.


On a personal note------we are avid cruisers and lovers of Oceanliner history. The voyages we have been on ---and glorious ships----have been incredible. We are fascinated with all things Titanic & White Star Line.

The story of the Titanic lives on.......

Dennis &  Joan





Photos shown above for glassware styles only


Glass Style shown only on several of these photos......new photos soon of Titanic Oceanliner. All glassware ordered from this page will ship with the Titanic logo.

Allow 10 working business days (M-F)! Several Days in-house before shipping. For the West Coast shipping....allow at least 14 days. Orders can only go expedited once they are ready to ship. Tracking numbers not provided as they ship from a small workroom of the craftsman--not a huge warehouse.

Made in the USA

Truly wonderful and well worth the special wait and conditions (in our opinion !). If you have a special deadline....please discuss with us in advance and we will let you know if possible.

Allow extra time for the Holiday Rush ! Order EARLY DECEMBER for best results--Dec 5th or so.

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Hand Washing

recommended !


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Happy Hour Collection

Barware from Dann





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Blazer & Sport Coat



Cocktail Shaker Sets





Classic Repp Stripe Neckties

100% Silk







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Elegant Country Baskets from Dann




World Traveller Barware

Nostalgic Vintage Labels







cs flask 11

Leather Flasks










Fine Copper Weathervanes



Embroidered Corduroy Trousers
for Fall & Holiday


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Great Explorations! Travel

from Dann





Silk Woven Dot

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall



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Nostalgic Traveller

Barware Collection

Ocean Liner, Classic Tapered Old Fashioned, 9oz - Click Image to Close








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Time for Happy Hour

with The Dann's   !

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Classic Collection


Stemless Wine Glasses


Titanic Barware

Stemless Wine Glasses

Titanic Oceanliner

Gift Boxed
Price:  $58.50






Ocean Liner, Classic Tapered Old Fashioned, 9oz - Click Image to Close

The France, Lloyd-Hapag, The United States, The Normandie







Vintage Collection



Tapered Old fashioneds

Price:   $52.50

Traveler, Pilsner, 16oz - Click Image to Close

Set of 4 !

Pilsners shown for style only


World Traveller Pilsners


Price:  $52.50


 Traveler, Cocktail Shaker Set w/2 Tapered Old Fashioned, Gift Bo - Click Image to Close

Cocktail Shaker & Two Cocktail Glasses Glasses



Gift Boxed

Price:  $79.50




Storage box w/4 Shot Glasses, The Blue Riband, Luxury Liners - Click Image to Close

Vintage Oceanliners



 with 4 different glasses, 2 1/4 oz size....for those who like it "neat".



Vintage Oceanliners Glass Set

"The Blue Riband"


Price:  $55.00

Vintage Oceanliners Glass Set

Personalized Book !


Enter Personalized Info below :


Price:  $64.50

Custom Special Order


The perfect accompainment to your barware !



Linen Collection

Cocktail Napkins Set of four & 

Two Bar Towels


100% Linen



Many patterns available !


Gift Boxed

Price:  $75.00





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Drop us a line!

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Dann Happy Hour Collection

mj8  mj9 mj10

Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Personalized !



Travel Carriers

for Fine Wines and Liquors




Cashmere Throws

100% Pure Cashmere !


Vintage Library Books with Barware

Personalized !

Steamer Bar Cabinet

Dann Studio Gifts



Nautical Etching & America's Cup Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


Photo: Trafalgar Limited Edition Braces - www.trafalgarstore.com/category/trafalgar_Limited_Edition_Silk_Braces/209

Limited Edition Braces





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Dann at

Home Collection



Lighthouse Barware

Handmade & Handblown Loop Optic



Sailing and Boating Nautical Neckties



 Dann Private Stock

All Cotton Khakis


Reg, Short, Long, Extra Long

Elephant Polo Barware



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Dann Men's Clothing

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Vintage Cuban Cigar Band Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !