Berle Khakis

from Dann Mens Clothing

Flannel Lined Khakis !

100% Cotton Khaki Twill

Our great All Cotton Khakis....lined with a cozy Red/Black plaid....perfect for Football games, Fall Golf.....camping....nippy days up north at a cabin ! All Cotton....Traditional Red Plaid.....the real deal.

Very Limited !

We look forward to sending you a pair !


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Free Hemming on Berle's ! Please note....once we hem them they are non-returnable as they have been customized just for you. We do not recommend this unless you are familiar with Berle and the specific Berle model you are ordering. One model can fit differently from another.

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Double Reverse Pleat, Classic Fit

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Plain Front, Classic Fit

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100% Cotton Khaki Twill

Red/Black Flannel Lining



Windsor Double Reverse Pleat

Price:  $129.50

Pant Size: 


Regent Plain Front

Price:  $129.50

Pant Size: 


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100% Cotton Khaki Twill

Red/Black Flannel Lining



Regent Plain Front
Price:  $129.50
Pant Size: 

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100% Cotton Khaki Twill

Red/Black Flannel Lining



Regent Plain Front
Price:  $129.50
Pant Size: 

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Gingham Check Shirt Collection

The Perfect compliment to our

Dann Khakis !

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Button Down Dress Shirt Collection


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Adventure by Schlesinger Bags


Charleston Khakis Corduroys

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The perfect compliment.......

Trafalgar Belts and Braces

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Pantherella Comfort-Top Socks

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Complete Collection....

Charleston Khakis



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Loop Optic Handblown Barware !



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& Elk !






Berle Microfiber Trousers

& Walkshorts

Microfiber Headquarters !

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