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No matter what your style is in clothing.......even if you are the CEO of a major corporation, you can always have some fun with your boxers !

have some fun with an assortment......

Your mother would be very proud of you !



PS---Try our "Baker's Dozen" (13) Assorted Pack for the most fun of all.......Best Value !




0606 - Assorted Tartans

Fine Handkerchiefs






















































 Fun Boxer Shorts !

from Dann Clothing

Printed 100% cotton, machine washable.

Full cut, one piece seat, soft elastic waistband.

S (30-32), M (34-36), L (38-40), XL (42-44)


Don't miss our Bakers Dozen Special....our Best Value.

(nice to sleep in too!)



Bakers Dozen !

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Assorted Box of 13 !

All different patterns.....Our Best Value..we pick the patterns. (Christmas & Dogs not included in mix.)

Fun Gift ! For the truly adventurous !

Price:  $265.00

Box of 13--Each Different



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LB Evans Slippers



Collection of Bows & Boxers !


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Tiger Mountain Knit Underwear

Reyn Spooner

Hawaiian MLB, NFL, Collegiate Shirts