Personalized Glass Soap Dispenser from Dann, The perfect gift for someone who has everything !, Executive and Corporate Bathrooms, Powder Rooms


Personalized Glass Soap Dispenser

Crystal Engraved

from Dann Clothing



An Elegant idea......

High quality engraved crystal glass bottle with a nice dispenser pump.

Holds a full 8 Oz !


All letters are engraved as you enter them (uppercase/lowercase). You have up to 12 characters per line and up to 2 lines of text.


Don't forget your Guest Bathrooms---or Executive Bathrooms at the office !



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Clipper Grooming Sets






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Torino All Leather Shave Kits






Blazer Headquarters



Clipper Grooming Sets



Camila Handmade Combs

From France---in classic patterns !

For Men & Women


The Dann Barber Shop Collection





Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Menswear Fabrications

Personalized !



Holds 8oz of your favorite liquid hand or dish soap and is perfect for both your kitchen sink and bathroom sink.

Bottle is clear glass

Personalized Soap Dispenser

Crystal Glass

Price:  $38.50
Fragrances....All-purpose Lotions and After Shaves...

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Royall Fragrance

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St. John

Monogrammed Toilet Paper

& Monogrammed Drink Paper Coasters

 For the person who has everything !

Don't forget your Yacht.....Sailboat....Vacation Home.....Office....RV...

Please note....As with all Personalized items..... considered a Special Order and non-returnable. Please enter your information carefully.....and always a good idea to note the monogram choices in the comments area.

Have a little fun......


Personalized Bulk Package of 12 Rolls

All rolls the exact same

Perfect for multiple homes....multiple bathrooms...divided between family members


Having a Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Race Weekend part y ? You need something fun for your guests.


 Monogrammed Toilet Paper

One Dozen Rolls !


Luxurious 2 Ply High Quality Paper

Best Value !

12 Rolls

(Must be same initial)

Luxurious 2 Ply High Quality Paper

Price: $92.50 Set

Bulk Package of 12 Rolls



Complete Dann Barbershop Collection


Custom Silk Robes


Calf Grooming Kits



West Indies



Dress Shirt Collar Stays


Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !


Our finest Jewelry Box !

Watches...cufflinks.....Tuxedo Stud Sets.....


Leather Shoe Bag

Personalized !


Custom Robes


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Truefitt & Hill Gift Boxes

Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !


Leather Change Tray



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Kent Hair Brush Collection

Military Ovals, Rectangles, as well as Ovals and Rectangles with Club Handles !



Moonshine Cologne


Dann Private Stock

Wool Tropical Dress Trousers


100% Worsted Wool Tropical from our Dann Private Stock.



Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long


London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons

mj8  mj9 mj10

Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Menswear Fabrications

Personalized !



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Kent Clothes Brush Collection


Viyella Sweaters


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