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Moonshine Cologne

from Dann Clothing


Moonshine......a little bit of fun.


We are pleased to offer this exciting new Fragrance for Gentlemen.

Great Scent ! Fun packaging !

 A woodsy scent, with hints of spice, including notes of black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli. The distinctive Moonshine fragrance is also accompanied by its unique packaging — a 3.4 oz/100 ml flask bottle wrapped in a burlap sack and enclosed in a custom pine display box.




PS Don't miss the Womens Speakeasy Cologne ! Amazing bottle.


Speakeasy Womens Cologne






Moonshine Cologne







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Moonshine Cologne
3.4 oz bottle

Specifically formulated to moisturize the skin after shaving, or as a gentle moisturizer for daily use. This non-alcoholic, non-greasy balm will leave the skin feeling cool and hydrated.


Moonshine After Shave Balm
3.4 oz bottle


Moonshine Soap
natural 4.0 oz bar of soap with natural exfoliate

As long as you are at it....pick up the Womens !

What a gorgeous bottle and


An intoxicating aroma with notes of pink peppercorn, white moss, sapphire gin, patchouli, and savory nutmeg.
Sexy. Seductive. Strong.


Speakeasy Womens Cologne
2.55 oz bottle






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