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The Trafalgar Collection of Belts, Braces, Business Bags, Wallets and Accessories offers high quality and timeless design. Don't miss our extensive selection of XL Braces and Belts for the Big and Tall guy.

Trafalgar's New Thompson All Leather Bag Collection  and the Washington Square Canvas & Leather Bags are wonderful.

We feature entire Collections from Trafalgar.

Please read our long list of quality points---along with Dennis' published article on Men's Braces---at the bottom of the page.

We have a long history with Trafalgar !

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Contemporary Belt Rack

Cedar Belt Racks for your Trafalgar Belts & Braces !


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Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address



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Bison Leather and Stainless Steel Flasks


Hand Painted Indian Head Penny Cufflinks Hand Painted Spain Coin Cufflinks Hand Painted Denmark Krone Coin Cufflinks

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Quality Points of our Trafalgar Products
  • Skilled craftsman carefully burnishes the edges of the belt. Burnishing is one of the subtle, but very important ways to shape the tip and really finish the belt edges, smoothing them to perfection.
  • The finished edges on a Trafalgar belts are hand stained. The old fashioned way - using natural sea sponges.
  • Each hole is meticulously hand stained and you will find no raw edges even in such small places as the holes.
  • When the belt is finished, it goes through a rigorous final inspection and finishing process. The edges of each belt are hand-rubbed one last time with a special leather cream and waxing cloth to give them a superior smooth feel.

Braces as Men's Fashion Accessories 

Written by: Dennis Dann
Dann Men's Clothing

            Braces--or Suspenders--- for Men are a fashion statement of enduring
style from another era.

            Dress Novelty Braces add a little something extra to a Man's
sense of fashion and style.

            Back before there were Dress Belts.......a Gentlemen wore
Braces--or Suspenders-- to hold up his pants. In today's may
still be the case but it is for Fashion rather than necessity. The selection
is extensive........Rep stripes, dots, solids, all-leather, Formal solids,
Formal patterns and weaves and the Limited Edition ones of different
patterns and motifs.

            What do Dress Braces go with ? Certainly Formalwear
occasions................and Classic or Novelty braces work well for the
office or other dress occasions. Wear them proudly over a shirt for all the
world to see...........or hide them under a jacket. We carry a huge variety
on our website...even extra long for those over 6'4".......... and are
shipping them around the world. All of our Braces use only high-quality
leather as trim (and are produced by high-quality leather belt companies)
and are the English Gentlemen version with buttons. Since we are in the
Dress Fashion Brace business, we do not sell the "Suspender" with metal
clamps version, for the most part. These are considered a bit more "pedestrian", I
suppose. I prefer the "original" Brace with buttons as part of today's Fashion-Forward Accessory look that most of our customers are going for.

            We find there are truly collectors out there..........some who
wear them occasionally...........some, like Broadcaster Larry King, who wear
them constantly and consider them a part of his personal style. Our
patterned Limited Edition ones are truly hard to get enough
of...........usually understated retro patterns........that sell out
quickly. Special, upscale customers understand all of this fuss. Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon, and Franklin Roosevelt all are known to have worn decorated and patterned braces.

            This is not "for the minute" fashion...........but an enduring fashion trend of the ages. 

Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 40 years. He
currently ships
            Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide, including an extensive
selection of Alligator and Crocodile Shoes, Belts and Wallets,  through his
website at
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