Military Twill from Dann, Trousers and Walkshorts, Many Colors !

Military Twill

from Dann Clothing


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Distressed khakis for that lived in feel.


An unconstructed continuous waistband "jean" pant.

 Send them to the cleaners for a nice pressing and starch if you like....or wash for easy care....We love the hand of these jeans.

You could top with a Blazer, great Sweater, nice loafers to dress them up...

Trousers shipped unfinished so you can finish with a cuff...or however you would like.

We look forward to starting you on your collection of these great pants.


1946 Military Twill stack

berle military twill

vintage label 

The Original Military Twill

military twill

100% Combed Cotton

Regular Rise

white stone navy khaki berle

White, Stone, Navy, Khaki

british tan nantucket red fatigue green moss green

British Tan, Nantucket Red, Fatigue Green, Moss

Please note ! ALL tones will be dusty subdued tones---in the Authentic Military Twill style.



Price:  $89.50


The Original Military Twill


Model 1   Flat Front


Pant Size: 






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The Khakis Shop from Dann


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Charleston Khakis




<b>NASH</b> - L9236 - Wheeled Duffel <b>BROCK</b> - F9234 - Field Bag <b>CLAYTON</b> - F9231 - Briefcase  <b>DAWSON</b> - F9232 - Messenger



 <b>FLYNN</b> - L9235 - Medium Duffel <b>GARRETT</b> - F9233 - Backpack




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FA MacCluer
Ranger Twill





Embroidered Belts--Reg Sizes

Embroidered Belts--Big/Tall Sizes



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