Peru Unlimited

Stripes !

Pima Cotton Knit Shirts

from Dann Clothing


Stripe Collection of 100% Pima Cotton


Luxurious Pima soft.....

Great for Resort life-----if you are on a vacation....or just wish you were. Mix with white trousers and a Navy Blazer for a great Country Club look !



Incredible Color Selection (we think)! 40 Colors




Don't miss.....our BEST VALUE packs of six assorted at a nice price !!

We have so many people who nearly go blind trying to select colors...........let us do it for you. Will send a balanced selection.

(If you hate orange, for instance.........tell us.) Will do our best to put a fun grouping together. Just like in the photos could use a STACK of these !


We look forward to sending you some of these great pieces !


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Please note ! Colors change often.......current colors shown in the dropdown of each style. This chart only to give you a good idea of the selection !

As someone once said to us....."Pick 'em like you are picking the bunch !" 

Join the legion of guys who are working their way thru every color combo for their favorite style.


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YOUR Corporate Embroidered Logo ?

We can do that ! Please email us. Perfect for your staff....your Wedding Party....Your event. Minimums apply and 4-6 weeks delivery.


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Peru Unlimited

Pima Cotton

 Cotton Sweaters

peru 11

Peru Unlimited 100% Baby Alpaca Sweaters


Cable Sweaters !

100% Peruvian Cotton and 100% Premium Alpaca


Peru Unlimited Pique Knits




Peruvian Leather Gloves

Peccary Leather

From the Wilds of Peru



Baby Alpaca Bomber Jacket



100% Pima Cotton

40 Color Combinations !

The first color is the color of the collar, for example: Yellow/Purple will have the collar in Yellow.


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Peru Unlimited Short Sleeve

Polo Collar--No Pocket

Knit Collar

Price:  $92.50







pu stripe knit pocket.jpg (20053 bytes)

Peru Unlimited Short Sleeve

Polo Collar with Pocket

Knit Collar

Price:  $94.50



40 Colors




SELF Knit Collar

Collar is same stripe fabric as body

Peru Unlimited Short Sleeve
Polo Collar with Pocket
SELF Knit Collar
Price:  $95.00


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Peru Unlimited

Knit Shirts


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Embroidered Khaki Trousers

Made up just for you ! To size 48






Trafalgar Braces



Your Lake Cribbage Game Board

Thousands of Lakes available !



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The Khakis Shop from Dann

Dann Spring & Summer Sweater & Knits Shop

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Dann Island Shop


Nautical Etching Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


Bills Khakis Original Twill Trousers


19" Coast Guard Approved Life Rings

Personalized Life Rings


Sailor Bags

Personalized Sailcloth Bags & Totes



Peru Unlimited Alpaca & Cotton

Sweaters & Knits



Grand River Jeans--Complete Collection



Peru Unlimited Alpaca & Cotton


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New ! Shipping now !

Peru Unlimited

Premium 100% Baby Alpaca Jersey Sweaters


Premium 100% Baby Alpaca Cable Sweaters



Womens Peru Unlimited Baby Alpaca Sweaters




Baby Alpaca Bomber Jacket



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Berle Trousers

Charleston Khakis


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Peru Unlimited

Knit Shirts


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Berle Bar Harbor Linens

Linen Trousers & Walkshorts



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Drop us a line!

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a great item to protect your sweaters.............

Cedar Shirt & Sweater Box

Shirt Sweater Box

Shirt/Sweater Box
If closet space is a problem, you can still keep shirts and sweaters organized and wrinkle-free. The box is made with aromatic cedar sides and a lacquer-coated hardboard bottom for easy cleaning. The cut-away front allows you to see the contents. Holds 2 shirts or 1-2 sweaters


Shirt/Sweater Box

14-1/2"W x 4"H x 12-1/2"D

Price: $24.50 Each