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Murray Hill Bag Collection

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Bags for the Well-Dressed

(& Very successful !)


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We have a great bag for everyone.


That well-dressed finishing touch-----a great looking bag can really set you apart.


Terrific quality....great styling.


What do they always say ? Dress for the job you WANT...not for the job you have. Walk in with a GREAT Briefcase ---they will notice.


Bags you are going to want to live with daily !

We will ship you a brand new bag.....fresh from the craftsmen.....(with the wonderful smell of fresh genuine leather)

.......and then you will start to bring it to life as you use it.

The well worn look of a well-loved leather bag.........we love that look. These bags have each been well planned out....lots of pockets for all of your gear.


Your bag will start to tell a story of your life.


Here's to all of the trips & vacations.....all of the meetings...all of the sales calls you will make with your bags. We will enjoy being part of the journey.


  Handcrafted and Handsewn finishing. Fine Quality Bags  that are made one at a time.


Don't miss our American Alligator !


We look forward to sending you several !



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Well loved bags tell the story of your life !


Briefs, Laptops, Messengers, Totes

Weekend Duffles









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Murray Hill Bags

Brief Bags






Murray Hill Bags

Fold-over Messenger Bags



Murray Hill Bags





Murray Hill Bags








<b>NASH</b> - L9236 - Wheeled Duffel <b>BROCK</b> - F9234 - Field Bag <b>CLAYTON</b> - F9231 - Briefcase  <b>DAWSON</b> - F9232 - Messenger



 <b>FLYNN</b> - L9235 - Medium Duffel <b>GARRETT</b> - F9233 - Backpack


<b>SHAW</b> - T9237 - Tote <b>WESLEY</B> - Z9238 - Slim Brief




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Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Personalized !


Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001VL16072a.jpg (34826 bytes)

Dann Valets


Blazer & Sport Coat



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Braeval Sportshirts


Dann Watch Shop


Personalized Travel Covers



Engraved Belt Buckles




Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Our largest sets !

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address







Leather Journals






Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !


Patterned Trafalgar Braces



A new find...


After Shave, Hair & Scalp, After Bath, Cologne

for Rogues and Gentlemen

Corbin Jeans and Jean Construction




Shoe Horn Collection


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Dann Shoe Shop



cs flask 11 cs flask 12
Bison Leather and Stainless Steel Flasks



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Personalized Luggage Tagsfrom Dann



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Dann Shoe Shop




Kinross Cashmere

Modern Cashmere Sweaters





Alternate View

Alternate View

Richard E. Bishop

Bird Barware Collection

Since 1932

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !



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