Peruvian Leather Gloves, Peccary Leather from Wilds of Peru from Dann Clothing



Peruvian Leather Gloves

Peccary Leather

From the Wilds of Peru


from Dann Clothing


For the Well-Dressed  man......


Highest quality !


 The perfect finishing touch.......and will keep you warm as well.


Hand-made in Peru. Hand stitched. Each final product is unique.

This is not a mass produced product ! Made with care and attention to detail.


We think you will enjoy these gloves.







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Viyella Scarves

from Dann Men's Clothing

Fine Cashmere Blend Scarves






Cardinal of Canada Cashmere & Wool Topcoats

Cardinal of Canada Big & Tall Dress Overcoats





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Cardinal of Canada Raincoats



Blazer Headquarters





Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Menswear Fabrications



Peccary Leather Gloves







Elegant Leather Gloves
from Peru

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Price:  $289.50

Alpaca Bomber Jacket
Lined, has 2 exterior pockets and 2 interior pockets.....and one for your cell phone !
Two Color Choices ! What a great jacket. Made in Peru of high quality Alpaca.


Baby Alpaca Jacket
from Peru

Traditional Fit

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Price:  $725.00

Fragrances....All-purpose Lotions and After Shaves...

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Royall Fragrance

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St. John



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New Zealand Mens Shearling Coats


Complete Dann Barbershop Collection


Custom Silk Robes


Calf Grooming Kits



West Indies



Dress Shirt Collar Stays


Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !


Hilts-Willard Fine Gloves

Complete Collection



Leather Shoe Bag

Personalized !


Custom Robes

Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !


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Kent Hair Brush Collection

Military Ovals, Rectangles, as well as Ovals and Rectangles with Club Handles !



Moonshine Cologne


Dann Private Stock

Wool Tropical Dress Trousers


100% Worsted Wool Tropical from our Dann Private Stock.



Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long


London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons

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Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Menswear Fabrications

Personalized !



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Kent Clothes Brush Collection


Viyella Sweaters


Peruvian Pima Cotton Striped Polos


Peru Unlimited Alpaca & Cotton

Sweaters & Knits




Cashmere Throws



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