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from  Dann Men's Clothing

The perfect items for the summer, your cruise, your cabin, the islands....

Men's shorts, pants, knit shirts, madras and fun island print shirts

...as well as the cocktail glasses

and special items for your weekend getaway !

Dennis & Joan


   29_thumb.jpg (10841 bytes)  Inboards    40.jpg (29481 bytes)   LAKE HOUSE



Linen Corner

Trousers, Walkshorts, Shirts, Sportcoats, Suits----100% Linen


Personalized Sailcloth Bags

Classic Dann Summer Suits

& Suit Separates






Embroidered Belts--Reg Sizes

Embroidered Belts--Big/Tall Sizes

Mens Swim Trunks from Dann




Nautical Beach Luggage Racks



Staff Pick: David's Flip Flops 

 Staff Pick: Jim's Flip Flops

Colorful Custom Sandals !













Silk & Cotton Sweaters







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Summer Linens

Twill & Poplin Pants

Corbin Twills and Poplins

Charleston Khakis

Berle Khakis

Berle Poplins

Berle Summer Seersucker

Berle Bar Harbor Linens

Berle Patch Madras Trousers & Walk Shorts



jdTennis1912_1.jpg (175790 bytes)

Tennis Whites and Summer Creams !

Linen, Twill & Sea Island Cotton Shorts and Pants

Summer Seersuckers

3.jpg (24188 bytes) 

Bill's Walk shorts


Original Twill Walk shorts

Poplin Walk shorts

Island Twill Walk shorts

Tropical Twill Walk shorts






 Pebble Glove Belts



Lighthouse Barware

Handmade & Handblown Loop Optic



Egyptian Cotton T Shirts



two button summer suit.jpg (20705 bytes)

Summer Sportcoats !

also....Big & Tall




Castaway Clothing

Embroidered Trousers & Walk Shorts






Castaway Clothing Embroidered Swim Trunks



Double Mercerized Cotton Knits

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Croc Mocs



wpe2B.jpg (2201 bytes)

Peru Unlimited

Pima Cotton Sweaters




Flag Crock

Handcrafted Personalized Crocks




Embroidered Walk shorts and Pants


YOUR Lake on Ceramic Mugs


fa_maccluer_jockey_main.jpg (28860 bytes)

F.A. MacCluer

Double Mercerized Baby Pique

Double Mercerized Lisle

Solid Classic Honeycomb Pique





Sailor Bags

Personalized Sailcloth Bags & Totes






Summer Patch Madras Shorts

Nanx-013  Palm Tree Loafer for Men American Flag Needlepoint Loafers for Men Nanx-03346 Bamboo on Cream Needlepoint Loafer for Men

Needlepoint Shoes for Men





JM Casual.jpg (57968 bytes)

Handsewn Shoes




 Madras Walkshorts!






Poston Price Trousers





Vintage-style Camp Bracelets


Our Best Selling Short !
Don't start Summer without it !  


nantucket_052005.jpg (14631 bytes)

Coastal Shorts and Pants

Berle Khaki Shorts

Berle Patch Madras Shorts




Gingham.jpg (14029 bytes)


Sport Shirt Collection


  chaiselongcrs_03.jpg (16830 bytes)


Timeless Classic Knit Shirts Collection

from Dann Clothing



Silk-Like Camp Shirts

New Technology Easy Care 


byforldpolo2  pcencilby


Byford Peruvian Knit Shirts

100% Cotton





new bow.jpg (27032 bytes)

Fun Bow Ties !





Sea Island Cotton Socks



Dann Private Stock

Seasonal Sportcoats

Regulars, Shorts & Longs !


Waffle Kimono.jpg (109379 bytes)

Lightweight Personalized Summer Robes




khakis.bmp (497650 bytes)

Trafalgar Casual Belts





Colorful Italian Cotton Belts


Blue Lagoon.jpg (20523 bytes)     Take A Dip.jpg (18736 bytes)

Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces





Royal Lyme.jpg (75686 bytes)

Royall Fragrances Collection

from Bermuda



Classic Dann Summer Suits

& Suit Separates




Personalized Lake House Bar Cocktail Sets

Surf and Sand Tropical Motifs
PERSONALIZED Cocktail Glass Sets

Oxford Cloth Shirt

Classic Collection---SHORT Sleeve

Regular, Big, Tall

cg3.jpg (107077 bytes)

Luxury Island  Trousers


West Indies



Nanx-013  Palm Tree Loafer for Men Nanx-03346 Bamboo on Cream Needlepoint Loafer for Men

Needlepoint Shoes for Men




Hopkins Fish (Red)

Colorful Custom Tote Bags !

Fun Patterns


lime.jpg (42163 bytes)

St. John




Striped D-Ring Belts







Peru Unlimited

Striped Pima Cotton Knit Shirts