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Duck Head Khakis

Est 1865


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Featuring Duck Head Khaki Pants


An American icon

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When Civil War veterans (and brothers) George and Joe O’Bryan first started making pants out of recycled Army tents in their Nashville, Tennessee factory,

 they couldn’t have possibly known that they were creating what would become an American icon. In the 20th century,

“Duck Heads” became synonymous with khakis in the South, where one would be hard pressed to walk around a golf course, fraternity house, law firm or boardroom without seeing

our distinct Mallard label. Now, after a long hiatus, our signature chinos are back, and better than ever. Remarkably comfortable, yet durable, these pants are Made to be Worn™.  

Each hand-crafted pant features a fit and finish others have tried to mimic, but cannot replicate.


We are pleased to offer them to the legions of loyal Duck Head Followers......

Chinos, Shorts, Shirts, Knits......


The full Duck Head Story is below. Really incredible. Since 1865. And now experiencing a rebirth. And under the brand guidance of Bill Thomas.....a legend of his own.


And special thanks to the students of OLE MISS................we have a special place in our hearts for that school. And we did before we found out how they helped to launch Duck Head years ago.


We ship to APO Boxes-----we accommodate this for our Men in the Military !






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Duck Head Pants


Gold School Chinos


Green Badge Chinos


Gold Glory Chinos----Made in the USA


Harbor PERFORMANCE Trouser


Five Pocket


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Duck Head Shorts


Duck Head Shorts

Chinos & Performance


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Duck Head Knits 

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Duck Head Shirts

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Duck Head POLO Shirts






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Alan Payne Shoe Collection



Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

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Fishing Neckties


Sailing and Boating Nautical Neckties


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Richard E. Bishop

Since 1932

Bird Barware Collection



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Sporting Dogs Barware Collection


Handcrafted Belts in the USA
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Dann Handsewns & Saddles


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Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address


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Leather Double Eyeglass & Sunglass Case


Cutting Boards

Personalized Wooden Cutting Boards


A new find...


After Shave, Hair & Scalp, After Bath, Cologne

for Rogues and Gentlemen



Sailor Bags

Personalized Sailcloth Bags & Totes


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Wool Hooked Pillow Collection

Made by Hand-----100% Wool !


Drivers !


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Personalized Mailboxes

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95% Cotton/5% Cashmere Sweaters

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Duck Head Chinos

Since 1865........and now in a Revival


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Richard E. Bishop

Since 1932

Bird Collection Barware


Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


Fine Copper Weathervanes


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Bison Footwear

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