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with Fragrant Cedar !

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"Out of Season Storage" is really important to protect your beautiful things.

 Now is the perfect time to completely reorganize your closets ! You have a great investment in fine clothes.....let us help you protect them. Fragrant Shoe trees,

New Shoe Racks, Tie Racks, Belt Racks, Sweater Boxes........Great new hangers .....we have a great assortment (we think) of just what you need (and may not know that you need !)

Fragrant Cedar keeps your clothes fresh and ready to wear again. Body odors and excess moisture are absorbed.

Moths don't have a chance.

Dennis & Joan

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USA Shipments only !




Personalized Hangers

Wedding or Housewarming Gift !


Men's Washburn Shoe Tree   Men's Elite Shoe Tree

Personalized Shoe Trees


Shoe Care Accessories

Personalized !



  Woodlore Professional-Style Cedar Shoe Valet with Starter Kit II

Premier Hanger  with Pant Bar

Personalized Cedar Hangers


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Cedar Necktie, Belt, and Brace Racks

Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL1600116004 (2).jpg (500033 bytes)

Dann Valets


The Complete Collection !

Elegant Mahogany Hangers

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Fine Natural Finish Wooden Hangers

Cascading Wooden Hangers

Shoe Horn Collection

Cedar Shoe Racks

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Trouser Racks from Dann


Holds 20 pair of pants on Cedar Rods

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Kent Clothes Brush Collection

Made by Hand in England

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Valet Accessories !

Luggage Racks with Style !


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Cedar !
Shoe Care Accessories

Cedar !

Cedar !
Closet Accessories

Mud Room Accessories

Travel Accessories

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Personalized Cedar Shoe Valet

Dress Shirt Collar Stays


Watch and Jewelry Boxes




Leather Jewelry Boxes



 Personalized Leather Gifts




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Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Menswear Fabrications

Personalized !




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Sleepwear Collection

from Dann


Moonshine Cologne


Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !


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Dann Shoe Shop


Barber Shop Collection

from Dann