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Dogs with Style !

from Dann

 for the Well Dressed Dog-----& their owners !

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Dogs with Style !

Extensive Gift & Clothing Collection !

Fine Quality Gift items....for the dog or cat....but mostly for his "Human" !

What would we do without these wonderful little creatures ?

We look forward to hearing from you !

Dennis Dann


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December 1st Deadline for guaranteed Christmas Deadline for personalized or special order!

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Dog Patterned Collars and Leads Sets

Dogs with Style !

Made up just for you !





Pet Products on Beach
Patriotic Dog ? The ALL AMERICAN DOG
email us.....Leads and


Personalized Dog & Cat Signs !

Special Order---Made up just for you !


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Castaway Clothing

Embroidered Corduroy Trousers

Dog patterns......but very limited !



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Dog Breed Hiking Staffs

52" Tall

Hand Painted Cast Reproductions

Special Order---Made up just for you !



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Personalized Dog Mailboxes with Style !


Special Order---Made up just for you !


Dog Wool Hooked Pillows






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Dog Breed Walking Sticks

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Special Order---Made up just for you !



Dog Hooked Pillows



Scrimshaw Dog Paperweights

Made in England !



Needlepoint Dog Pillows



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Walking Stick


Handmade in Italy







Dog Breed Sandstone Coasters


Sets of four

Castaway Clothing

Embroidered Twill Pants & Walk Shorts

Dog patterns......but very limited ! Please check with us EARLY in the Spring for availability.



Dog Collar Collection

Exotic Skins !

Special Order---Made up just for you !






Adult American Staffordshire Terrier PRODUCT

Dog Desk Accessories

Special Order---Made up just for you !

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Dog Neckties

100% Silk


Richard E. Bishop

Porcelain Dog Coffee Mugs

Since 1932








Colorful Leather !


Embroidered Dog Hat on Coral
Embroidered Caps

Dog Motif Socks


Copper Dog Mailboxes  



Personalized Glass Cutting Boards

Staff Pick: David's Flip Flops Staff Pick: Jim's Flip Flops

Colorful Custom Dog-theme Sandals !

Custom Sandals to sizes 7- 16 !!



 Sporting Dogs Leather Tab Belt  Ribbon Belts, Custom Totes & Flip Flops, Dog Collars & Leashes Handcrafted in Maine - The Belted Cow Company

Dog D-Ring Belts
Reg and Big/Tall


Patterned Leather Tab Belts

Reg and Big/Tall

Custom Mens & Womens Sandals (with Dog Motifs)
AND All of our Motif Fabric Belt & Sandal patterns (for people) can be made into Dog Collars and Leads ! Ask us !


Doorstop Pillows
Handcrafted !

Entertaining with Style !

Custom Mahogany Card Tables, Ice Buckets, Tray Tables


Dog Patterns !




Alternate View

Alternate View

Richard E. Bishop

Bird Barware Collection



New !
Sporting Dogs Barware Collection


Pure Cashmere Scarves

(for you when you are WALKING your dog !)

Fine Patterned Cashmere Scarves


Pure Cashmere Scarves

(for you when you are WALKING your dog !)





Personalized Slate Hanging Signs
Custom !
Dog Breeds !

Dann Men's Clothing

Dann-Online Home



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Drop us a line!

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Survivalon Jackets



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The Well Dressed Closet from Dann


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Sleepwear Collection

from Dann


The Dann Barber Shop Collection


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Dann Private Stock

 Fine Leather Belts

Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !

Casual Belts


Trout Cocktail Glasses

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !



Bass Cocktail Glasses

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !




Wool Hooked Pillow Collection

Made by Hand-----100% Wool !



Your Lake Sandstone Coasters

Thousands of lakes available !