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Custom Silk Scarves

from Dann Clothing



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We are pleased to offer this excellent high-quality custom made silk fringed scarf !

The kind RARELY found today.

This reminds us of Downton Abbey....and a luxury of bygone days.

To wear with formalwear...or an elegant suit or sportcoat......with your smoking jacket or robe at home...

Please note...this is a Custom Scarf....made up just for all Custom Aspects apply.

Please allow a few weeks for delivery. Christmas orders must be placed by Mid-November.








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Custom Silk Scarves
Size:  12 1/2"w X 68"l with fringe
Coordinating fringe will be shipped of the same color family--as shown. Chosen by our designer.

Custom Special Order !

with Contrasting Fringe


(i.e.Pink Scarf with Silver Fringe


Red with Black Fringe, etc)



Custom Silk Scarves
with Contrasting Fringe

0f your choosing !
Size:  12 1/2"w X 68"l with fringe
Scarf Color: 
Fringe Color: 

Custom Special Order !




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