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Weddings from Dann


and may we suggest........

The perfect compliment...Engraved Cuff Links& Tuxedo Stud Sets....

Personalized Gifts from Dann


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Tuxedo Stud Sets

Custom Southwick White Dinner Jacket !


Italian Formal Footwear


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Royall Fragrances Collection

Corbin Stock Clothing - 01

Royall Vetiver Noir

New !

Inspired by timeless and classic Black Tie Nights.

"Rule the Night"



Tartan Wool Loafers



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Holiday Formalwear Accessories



Vintage Political Cufflinks !



ferraries bltiet

PS Don't forget FUN socks for Black Tie events---


And more Byford Socks




Formal Neckties

Regular and Extra Long

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Dann Walking Stick Collection

Custom Silk Braces

Formal Footwear

from Dann


Formalwear Gloves and Scarves

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Carrot and Gibbs

Formal Cumberbund Sets

Big and Tall

Formal Cumberbund Sets

formal sets

Our Finest Sterling Silver !

Tuxedo Formalwear Sets


14 Karat Gold Collection

Men's Tuxedo Stud Sets

Our Finest !



Vineyard Vines

 Island Formalwear!

Buoys Cummerbund Set


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Solid Satin Neckties

Extensive Color Selection !

Regular and Extra Long !


Custom Silk Ascots

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Dann Custom Shirts

Order early for the perfect Tuxedo Shirt !


Colorful Tuxedo Stud Sets

Irish Formalwear Tuxedo Sets

Nanx-7023 Lion King Needlepoint Loafers for Men

Needlepoint Shoes for Men  


London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons



Trafalgar Velvet Formal Braces

Elegant !

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Dann Custom Shirts

Order early for the perfect Tuxedo Shirt !



Custom Silk Scarves



Cardinal of Canada Cashmere & Wool Topcoats

Cardinal of Canada Big & Tall Dress Overcoats


Hand Painted Denmark Coin Cufflinks  Hand Painted Three Pence Coin Cufflinks

Hand Enameled & Hand Painted Coin Cufflinks

Pair great looking cufflinks

with basic Black Onyx Studs !


Black Belts, Braces, Bags, Wallets



Collegiate Cufflinks

Your University Cufflinks

(Have a little fun.......wear with Black Onyx Stud Sets with your Tuxedo !)


Mardi Gras Jewelry


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Formal Lambskin Gloves for Men and Women


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Dann Formal Wear

Tuxedos and Formalwear... Special clothing for those special occasions. 

(You'll have fun once you get there!)  Why rent a poorly made garment ? Put a tux in your closet that you really love!

Please read my published article below. I look forward to helping you with your Formal Wear needs !

PS---We suggest owning at least a couple of Tuxedo Shirts...couple of sets of Stud Sets....and at least one extra pair of Formalwear pants. Always nice to have a back-up.




Southwick Tuxedo Collection
Corbin Formalwear Separates
H. Freeman Tuxedos
John Cooper Saville Row Tuxedos
Gianni Manzoni Tuxedos from Italy
Sewell Tuxedo Separates
Dann Studio Tuxedos
Dann Classic PORTLY Tuxedos
Dann Private Stock Tuxedos

Dinner Jackets

Dann White Dinner Jackets
Corbin Formalwear Separates
Southwick Custom White Dinner Jacket

Custom Silk Dinner Jackets-----& Novelty PATCHWORK Smoking Jackets

Custom Silk POLKA DOT Smoking Jacket
Custom Velvet Dinner Jackets
Dann Red Royal Stewart Dinner Jackets
Custom Animal Print Smoking Jackets

Tuxedo Trousers

Formalwear Separate Trousers

Tuxedo Shirts

Gitman Tuxedo Shirt Collection

Gitman Big & Tall Tuxedo Shirts

Joseph Abboud Formal Shirts
Kenneth Gordon Tuxedo Shirt Collection
F A MacCluer Tuxedo Shirts
Dann Custom Shirt Shop

Formal Wear Accessories

Custom Silk Fringed Scarves
Holiday Formal Wear Accessories
Carrot & Gibbs Custom Formal Bow Ties
Carrot & Gibbs Formal Cumberbund Sets
Carrot & Gibbs Formal BIG AND TALL Cumberbund Sets
Gitman Formal Wear Accessories
XMI Formalwear Accessories
Trafalgar Formal Wear Braces
Trafalgar Formal Wear Braces--Big and Tall
Trafalgar Limited Edition Braces
Custom Silk Braces
Trafalgar Patterned Braces
Formalwear Neck Ties--Solid

Formal Neckties --Patterns

Burberry Formal Neckties
Dann Private Stock Braces and Suspenders
Dann Private Stock Cumberbund Sets 
Dann Formal Footwear
Monogramed Tuxedo Stud Sets
Tuxedo Stud Set Collections
Engraved Sterling Silver Collection
Fun Cumberbund & Bow Sets
Vineyard Vines Cumberbund & Bow Sets
Royall Lyme Fragrances
Engraved 14 Karat Gold Collection
Vintage Reproduction Watches for Formal Events
Fun Holiday Cumberbund Sets, Bows, Boxers
Dann Walking Stick Collection
Formalwear Scarves & Gloves
Custom Silk Ascots
Elegant Walking Sticks
Byford Motif Socks
B.Ella Fun Socks
Mardi Gras Mens Jewelry
Lambskin Formal Gloves.....For Men and Women

Formal Shoes

Italian Footwear
Dann Private Stock Formal Footwear
Dann Classic Formal Footwear
Needlepoint Shoes for Men by Paige
Baker Benji Shoes
Suede Loafers
Tartan Wool Loafers

Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection



Custom Silk Dinner & Smoking Jackets

Patterns, Dots, Paisleys, Solids, 100% Silk, 100% Cotton Velvet.....and Animal Print





Polka Dot Dinner Jackets---Custom !


Red Royal Stewart Dinner Jackets



Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces


Dann Private Stock Braces & Suspenders

Trafalgar Formalwear Braces

Formal XL Braces

Elegant Walking Sticks


Vintage Stamp Cuff Links

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 Gianni Manzoni Tuxedos


Leather Shoe Bag

Personalized !

Protect your Formalwear shoes !


Ceremonial Scissors for Ribbon Cutting Events



Custom Tuxedo Stud Sets

Your Club or Fraternity image !


Formal Braces


14 Karat Gold Collection

Men's Tuxedo Stud Sets

Our Finest !

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Dann Private Stock

 Fine Leather Belts

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Formalwear Cummerbund Sets


Suede Mens Loafers


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Don't forget fun Socks for  Formal Events !




Baker Benji Shoes

Fun Formal Shoes !


The Christmas Shop



Fun ! Tuxedo Stud Sets


Circa 1950's Vintage Watch Style CT105R

Vintage Reproduction Watch Collection

for Formal Events !

Circa 1940's Vintage Watch Style CT102T

Vintage Watch Collection




More Formal Neckties !


Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones

Cuff Links Collection

Special Order

Diamond Cut Faceted Paperweight
Deluxe Engraving


Americas Cup Decanter set w/4 Tapered old fashioned, gift boxed - Click Image to Close
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Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

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Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Our largest stationery sets !

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address


Formalwear tips for Men for the Special Events 

Written by: Dennis Dann
Dann Men's Clothing
Formalwear tips for Men for special events !
- Five tips on formalwear dressing for Men. Uplifting economic news is
triggering a return to more formal events. Is your wardrobe ready to attend these events ?. -

As we return to happier economic times.........or appear to be pointed in
that direction.............the Gala Formal events
are sure to follow.
For the well-dressed man, there are basics which need to be in your
wardrobe..........ready and waiting for
such events. Think Cary Grant or James Bond. Its time for you to be
"dashing" ! Here are points for you to think about..........well in advance
of the event.

1. Tuxedo
Your own. Not a rental. Rentals look like rentals. You need to invest in a
high-quality single or double breasted black
tuxedo and make sure it fits you perfectly. If you attend a number of these
nice events.......the tux pays for itself over time. It also looks and fits is there ready to go for you at any time. If you have a
really busy social may consider owning a couple of single breasted and one double breasted.
2. Tuxedo Shirt
Again..........a high quality shirt which fits you properly. There are many
great styles to choose from with wing and point collar.....different
numbers of pleats. White ! You may need a couple in your closet.....not just
one. This gives you variety and makes life easier. Be sure its back from the
laundry........nicely pressed and fresh looking.
3. Tuxedo Shoes
Also Black and of good quality.
4. Dinner Jacket ! Oh...........for the truly well dressed. You are sure to
grab everyone's attention with a wonderful
cream, shawl collared dinner jacket from a wonderful manufacturer (this
should only be worn in the summer or in tropical climates). High on my
list........but impossible to find ..........a Blackwatch plaid dinner
jacket. If you find it !
5. Formalwear accessories. Here is where things get interesting.
Tuxedo Stud Sets. Invest (or ask for them for gifts !) in some Black Onyx,
white "Mother of Pearl", Gold Knots or some wonderful
engraved ones with your initials. Sterling Silver is particularly nice !

If you get on the Black Tie bandwagon, you may wish to have several pair to choose from. You will have these for a lifetime !
Bow Tie and Cumberbund sets. Black, certainly should be in your wardrobe.
There are also some high-quality Necktie manufacturer's
who also make these sets from paisley, rep stripes, different colored
solids, foulard patterns. Here is the opportunity to have some flair
and creativity !
As we return to prosperity, our wardrobe needs to follow suit. Formalwear
needs investment on your part but will give you great milage over time. Now
is the time to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute. What kind of
shape is yours in ?

Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 40 years. He currently ships
Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide thru his website at with Dann Mens Clothing, Dann Formal Shop, Cuff Link Ink,
The Khakis Shop by Dann, Dann Happy Hour, The Croc Shop from Dann, Dann Cashmere Shop, Elegant Country Baskets from Dann, Dann Studio Gifts, Dann Big & Tall, Personalized Papers from Dann, Great Explorations ! Luggage, Great Explorations ! Travel and
Personalized Gifts from Dann, Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann, The Christmas Shop for Men, Dann Shearling & Leather Shop, The Golf Shop from Dann. He can be reached via his website at


Alden Dress Shoes

Alden Casual Shoes

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And featuring.......

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