Walking Stick



from Dann Clothing

Handmade in Italy


Such wonderful Walking Sticks ..... true works of art.

Aged, kiln-dried hardwoods---crystal---silverplate---resin and solid brass as well as other fine materials used to create these sticks.

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Just perfect for the Well-Dressed Man--for a Wedding....a Formal Event.

Makes a great gift ......and we can ship this just where you need it to go with a note from you !


Please note ! "Handcrafted" so therefore each one is a bit different. Slight differences are considered "part of the charm" of these special Walking sticks.








Trafalgar Velvet Formal Braces

Elegant !

formal sets

Our Finest Sterling Silver !

Tuxedo Formalwear Sets

Custom Southwick White Dinner Jacket !


Working Watch Cuff Links

Gold Stainless Steel Functional Watch Cufflinks Stainless Steel Functional Watch Cufflinks


Carrot and Gibbs Formal Cumberbund Sets






Carrot & Gibbs

Custom Bow Ties



Tartan Umbrellas




Custom Silk Scarves




Monogrammed Cigar Cases




Handcrafted Walking Sticks







Genuine Stone  Tuxedo Stud Set and Cufflinks Collection II


Imported Fritz  Handle With Intricate Scrolling

Fritz Handle with Scrolling


No 1

Price:  135.00

Antique Silver Plate

No 2

Price:  135.00

Silver Plate

No 3

Price:   $115.00

No 5

Price:   $68.50

No 6

Price:   $83.50

Silver Plate

No 8

Price:   $114.50

.925 Silver

No 10

Price:   $246.50

No 22
Price:   $83.50

No 23
Price:   $178.50


No 24
Price:   $495.00

Wedding Ring with Rhinestones

No 25
Price:   $130.00


No 26
Price:   $250.00

.925 Silver

No 27
Price:   $240.00

Will accommodate full-size umbrellas, canes and walking sticks.

22 x 8 x 8

Engraved Leather Gifts
 Personalized Leather
Umbrella Holder
Price:  $122.50
Three Block Initials
Enter Initials below for Monogram:


Complete Collection........

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Walking Stick Collection from Dann



More Walking Sticks from Dann

Barber Shop Collection

from Dann


Custom Walking Sticks

Need Extra Tall or Short ? Or---the Ultimate...24 Karat Gold


Scottish Golf Course Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !

Crests of the Famous Golf

Courses of Scotland !

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Weddings by Dann

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Dann Formal Wear


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mensformaglov snowwhite

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Custom Velvet Smoking Dinner  Jackets




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Fine Wallets

for Men



Custom Silk Dinner & Smoking Jackets

Patterns, Dots, Paisleys, Solids, 100% Silk, 100% Cotton Velvet.....and Animal Print


Dann Formal Footwear

Private Stock Collection

from Dann Clothing

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Polka Dot Dinner Jackets---Custom !



Truefitt & Hill



https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0126/5242/products/Lighthouse_Decanter_Set_grande.jpg?12428          gamefish 2019 (2).JPG   Item2061AC_jpg.jpg
Decanter and Cocktail Glass Sets

A GREAT place to start !





Wine Lovers Collection

Engraved Wine Glasses



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