Tiger Mountain Mens Boxers Headquarters, Knit Briefs and Undershirts from Dann Clothing, Complete Collection, Regular and Big & Tall, Stripes, Tartans, Tattersalls, Pinpoint, Oxford, Gingham, Collegiate Colors, former Tugaloo  

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Tiger Mountain

Complete Collection !


from Dann Clothing


Boxers and Undershirts for the Well Dressed Man !

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Tiger Mountain Boxer Shorts & Knit Underwear


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Tiger Mountain has been out of production for awhile......but its coming back.  Delivery 2020 !


Fine Quality Knit Underwear, Boxer Shorts from the best maker in the industry (in our opinion).........to match whatever undergarment type you are.....

from the classic or traditional...to dancing in the living room like Tom Cruise. 


We have a number of different assortments......a fun way to get some variety into your life !


 We can direct ship these wherever you need them to go ! Because of the personal nature of Socks and Underwear are not returnable.

Many former Tugaloo Boxer fans will be pleased with Tiger ! Designed and made by same people so an excellent replacement.


Dennis Dann




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Boxer Collection !

tiger mountain boxers
Fun Assortments  for the Adventurous!
......a fun way to get some variety into your life !


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Tiger Mountain

Tartans & Plaids Boxers



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Tiger Mountain

White & Blue Boxer Shorts !

Ode to the Traditionalist

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Tiger Mountain
Gingham Boxers







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Boxer Assortments by Color !

Tiger Mountain Boxer Shorts

For the guy that just loves Crimson/Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink.....!

We ship an assortment of this color only !




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Tiger Mountain

Classic Boxer Shorts !


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Tiger Mountain

Big & Tall

 Classic Boxer Shorts !


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Weddings by Dann

Groomsmen need Coordinating Boxers for Team Unity !

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Fun Boxer Shorts

from Dann Clothing

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Holiday Boxer Assortment



Polo Knit Shirts
Now with just a touch of stretch !



For the perfect finishing touch.......

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Men's Colognes, After Shaves and Fragrances

Royall, St John, West Indies Bay Rum


Irish Linen Hankerchiefs



Fine Handkerchiefs




Pure Cashmere Scarves

Fine Patterned Cashmere Scarves


Pure Cashmere Scarves



Barber Shop Collection

from Dann

Featuring KENT Brushes




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Timeless Classic Sportshirts





Wrinkle Free Long Sleeve Sport Shirts

from Dann




Short Sleeve Wrinkle Free !



Wrinkle Free Long Sleeve Sport Shirts

from Dann

Fall and Winter

Wrinkle Free Long Sleeve Sport Shirts

from Dann

Fall and Winter-II



Dann Men's Clothing

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Defective products must be returned within 30 days...before alteration, laundering or wear. While we sell the highest of quality, we cannot guarantee lifespan of any product. Shrinkage due to laundering cannot be guaranteed. Please follow the manufacturers suggested washing/cleaning instructions. How a product is washed or worn or how frequently worn is not something we have control over. We consider ourselves "Purists" therefore almost everything we sell has a high Cotton or Wool (natural fiber) content. Some shrinkage is to be expected.


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Drop us a line!

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The Well Dressed Closet from Dann


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Sleepwear Collection

from Dann


The Dann Barber Shop Collection


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Dann Private Stock

 Fine Leather Belts

Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !

Casual Belts


Trafalgar Patterned Braces





100% Linen Pocket Squares



Viyella Sock Collection




Republican and Democrat Barware

Fine Crystal Bar Glasses, Wine Glasses, Decanters

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !



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Timeless Classic Knit Shirts Collection

from Dann Clothing



Dann Private Stock

Wool Tropical Dress Trousers


100% Worsted Wool Tropical from our Dann Private Stock.



Regular, Short, Long


Microfiber Bomber Jacket

Reg, Big, Tall


Collegiate NCAA Boxer Briefs




Santa Ana 5 Sock Pack

Fun Men's Sock Assortments


Wood Underwear Knit Briefs for the well-dressed man !


sar8 sat2venus  sar9

Conversational Braces

Reg and XL











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Tiger Mountain Knit Underwear

Crew Neck & V Neck Undershirts

Knit Undershirts back in stock after a long absence !




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Tiger Mountain

Collegiate Colors

 Boxer Shorts

For the serious fan !