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My Grandfather Frank Doyle ---fishing in a necktie !

1928---Joan Dann


The Fun Tie Collection

 from Dann Clothing

Political, Holiday, Fishing, Boating and Sailing,

Horse Racing, Antique Cars, Auto Racing....


Neckties and Bow Ties give you the opportunity to show your own personality....your color sense....

your personal style.....all extremely important in this day and age of endless Black or Charcoal clothing. High Quality...100% Silk....


.....Worthy of the best suits and dress shirts from Dann Clothing


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PS Don't miss our Great Cumberbund and Bow Sets for Formal Events !


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Fun Political Ties

 Selection of Political Ties !!

Horse Racing & Equestrian Neckties


Race Cars and Antique Cars Neckties


Fishing Neckties


Sailing and Boating Neckties


Fun !

Island Neckwear


Irish & St. Patrick's Day Neckties


Wine, Music, Books & Maps Lovers Neckties


Battleships and Fighter Jets

Military Inspired !


Fun Bows, Cumberbunds, Boxers

from Dann Clothing

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That Festive time of year !


Fun Holiday Neckties


# #  #

Thanksgiving Ties !



Valentines Day Neckties !


Baseball Neckties
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Golf Neckties


Tie Bars & Tie Tacs

Tie Bars are BACK !

Bow Tie Cuff links Collection

For the Clothes Horse !

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Fun Bow Ties


Fun Cumberbund & Bow Sets



Keep your Necktie Selection Organized !

Cedar Tie Racks

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The Well Dressed Closet from Dann

Tie Box


Necktie Case

Personalized !

Great Coordinates....



Trafalgar Wallets and Gifts

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Trafalgar Braces

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Trafalgar Formal Braces

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Keys and Lockwood Woven Neckwear


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Shoe & Closet Accessories

The Gustbuster

Wind-tunnel tested umbrella !


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Dann Formal Footwear

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Dann Studio Italian Footwear

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L.B. Evans Slippers

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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing



Shell Cordovan Collection

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Dann Studio Gifts

Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection

from Dann

Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


Dann Necktie Collection


Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets


Robert Talbott Collection


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Dann Handsewns & Saddles


Bills Denim Shirts


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Dann Men's Clothing