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Corbin Army Cloth


Charleston Khakis


Charleston Corduroy


Berle Khakis


Berle Poplins

Berle Shorts


Berle Dress Denims


Berle Corduroy


Berle Flannel Lined Khakis


Berle Khakis Big & Tall


Charleston Khakis, Big & Tall



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"College Color Pants"

Team Colors !


Fun !

D- Ring Belts



Patterned Leather Tab Belts

Christmas Fun Patterned Belts


Big and Tall Leather Tab Belts















































The Khaki Shop

from Dann Clothing

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Timeless....Original style...practical....casual or dressed up with a jacket and will still be comfortable...

the clothes you want to live in!


 By popular demand ....Bill's Khakis ! The complete collection of great khakis, poplins, corduroys, shirts, knit shirts, jackets  and walkshorts

We think we have a great selection of offer you of khakis and twills---shirts--accessories.....and in all size ranges, as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Thanks for stopping by.

Dennis & Joan Dann


Featuring .........

berle military twill

Military Twill Trousers


Poston Price Trousers


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Tennis Whites and Summer Creams !

Linen, Twill & Sea Island Cotton Shorts and Pants



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Dann Cashmere Sweater Shop

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McKenzie Tribe Jeans & Khakis

Last Chance !



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Trafalgar Belts and Braces

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Trafalgar Belts, Braces, Wallets



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Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear


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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing

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Dann Happy Hour Collection


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Your University Bookstore from Dann

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Safari Baskets from Dann

Adventure Hats

Authentic Breathable, Packable, Crushable !

The perfect Travel Hat



Grand River Jean

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Big & Tall

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Dann Shearling & Leather Outerwear Shop

Will Leathergoods



Personalized Garage Signs



Charleston Khakis

Trousers & Walkshorts



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Franks Pants


Will Leather Goods


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The Viyella Shop

from Dann

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Braeval Sportshirts

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F.A. MacCluer Sportshirt and Knit Shirt




Denim Shirts !


















































<b>NASH</b> - L9236 - Wheeled Duffel <b>BROCK</b> - F9234 - Field Bag <b>CLAYTON</b> - F9231 - Briefcase  <b>DAWSON</b> - F9232 - Messenger



 <b>FLYNN</b> - L9235 - Medium Duffel <b>GARRETT</b> - F9233 - Backpack



 Men's long trench
Dann Mens Classic Rain Coat Collection


Oxford Cloth Shirt


Classic Collection---Long Sleeve

Regular, Big, Tall



We have a 30 day return policy for items that have not been altered, monogrammed, damaged, scratched, laundered or worn or are Custom/Special orders for merchandise credit to your original credit card or Dann-Online Credit.