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Shearling & Leather Shop

from Dann Clothing



We offer--what we think are--- incredible Spanish & Icelandic Shearlings, Nappa Lamb and Goat Suede....Outerwear Jackets, Blazers, Shirts and Vests.

Don't miss our Shearling Topcoats, Authentic Navy Peacoats, our Vintage Varsity Jackets and our new Lora Piana Wool Jackets.

We think its a pretty good selection of things that would you put in your closet..........for a lifetime.

Looking forward to hearing from you !

Dennis & Joan


PS Just Added ! Custom Shearling Coats for Women ..............Regular and also Large Sizes.



The Placer




New Zealand Womens Shearling Coats



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New Zealand Mens Shearling Coats

Dann Studio Leather Jackets


Dann Private Stock Leather Shirts & Blazers



Dann Leather Jackets



Dann Mens Classic Rain Coat Collection


Viyella Coats

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Dann Private Stock Overcoats

100% Pure Cashmere




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Vintage Outerwear Jackets

Made in USA



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Cashmere Topcoats from Dann


Authentic Peacoats from Dann

Made in USA

Natural Collection

Leather Jackets and Vests



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Andrew Marc Coats





Lora Piana Wool Jackets

from Dann Clothing




Classic Raincoat

Regular, Shorts, Longs


Survivalon Jackets



Baby Alpaca Bomber Jacket


Microfiber Golf Jackets

Tremendous range of sizing...Regular, Big, Tall

to 4XL-Tall


Hilts-Willard Fine Gloves

Pure Cashmere Scarves



Fine Patterned Cashmere Scarves


Visit Dann Men's Clothing for an almost endless selection of leathergoods....belts, wallets, shoes, gifts......

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Rainwear Collection


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Dann Studio Gifts



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann


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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing


Torino Exotic Leather Belt Collection


Lux Cashmere

Pure Cashmere Sweaters



Gentleman's & Rogue's Hat Collection


Santorelli Trousers


F1005 - Leather Briefcase Flap Over - Adventure

Adventure Bags

from Dann Clothing



Pinecone Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


Gianni Manzoni Clothing

Suits, Blazers, Trousers, Tuxedos


Handcrafted Walking Sticks


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Alligator Golf Bags















Dann Private Stock Big & Tall Shearling--For Men

Dann Private Stock Large Size Shearling--For Women

Made in USA

Dann Private Stock

Shearling Leather Top Coats


Made in USA


Dann Private Stock Big & Tall Shearling--For Men

Dann Private Stock Large Size Shearling--For Women

Made in USA

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Dann Private Stock Shearling----For Men

Dann Private Stock Shearling----For Women

Made in USA