Tuxedo Stud Sets from Dann

Cuff Links Ink

Tuxedo Stud Set Collection

from Dann


Our Finest Sterling Silver!

A well-dressed gentleman needs these !


Also visit our 14 Karat Gold Collection----

14 Karat Gold Collection



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Dann Formal Wear

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Genuine Stone Stud Set Collection I

Best Sellers !





Genuine Stone Stud Set Collection II






Carrot and Gibbs Formal Cumberbund Sets



Polka Dot Dinner Jackets---Custom !





Circular Block Monogram 


Interlock Script Monogram


Old English Monogram

 (In all three of the above MONOGRAM styles----the last letter of the last name is in the largest initial in the middle.)


Roman Initials

(Will read just as initials read...all the same size. Thomas Patrick Smith will be TPS.)






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Personalized Pocket Watches



Sterling Silver Vermeil stud set with  onyx


Black Onyx

Sterling Silver Vermeil

Price:  $385.00

Sterling Silver stud set


Sterling Silver Black Onyx Tuxedo Stud Set

Price:  $325.00

Sterling Silver Vermeil stud set with Onyx & Mother of Pearl


Genuine Onyx and Mother of Pearl

Sterling Silver Vermeil

Price:  $445.00

Sterling Silver stud set with  onyx & Mother of Pearl


Black Onyx & Mother of Pearl

Sterling Silver

Price:  $385.00



Sterling Silver stud set with  Diamonds



Sterling Silver Tuxedo Stud Sets

With Diamonds

Price:  $425.00




Sterling Silver stud set and Cuff Links

Engraved !





Sterling Silver Round Polished Beveled Edge

Tuxedo Stud Sets


Lettering Style
Three initial monogram

Price:  $279.50



Classic Knots

Silver Setting

Price:  $185.00



Classic Knots

Gold Setting

Price:  $185.00

Onyx set in gold feather cut setting


Black Onyx

Gold Setting

Price:  $185.00
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Cuff Links Ink Personalized Gifts from Dann

Dann Watch & Jewelry Box Collection

Yale University Enamel Cufflinks
Cuff Links Shop


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Dann Formal Wear



Leather Travel Jewelry Box

Leather Wallet Collection

Personalized !


14 Karat Gold Collection

Men's Tuxedo Stud Sets

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Dann Private Stock

 Fine Leather Belts

Mahogany Cufflinks and Jewelry Armoire

Cufflink Jewelry Boxes



London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons


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