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Gitman Tuxedo Shirt Collection

Holiday Formalwear Accessories

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Woven Neckties and Cumberbund Sets


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Tuxedo Neck Ties

Cummerbund & Bow Tie Sets



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Tuxedo Vests

Formal Neckties

Regular and Extra Long



More Formal Neckties !

Also available in Extra Long Lengths !


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Trafalgar Formal Wear Braces

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Trafalgar Limited Edition Braces



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Tuxedo Stud Sets


Circa 1950's Vintage Watch Style CT105R

Vintage Reproduction Watch Collection

For Formal Events


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Dann Customized Shirts

(Custom Made Easy 1-2-3)


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Weddings by Dann



14 Karat Gold Collection

Men's Tuxedo Stud Sets

Our Finest !



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Dann Formal Wear


Formalwear Gloves and Scarves


Elegant Walking Sticks


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Gitman Bros Shirts

Complete Collection

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Gitman Customized Shirts

Affordable way to obtain just the shirt you need---your choice of fabric, collar style, color, size. Regular, Big/Tall, French Cuff,

White Collar---even with your Monogram ! So many choices to get the shirt you are seeking. See my published article


Corbin Tuxedos

& Corbin Dinner Jackets

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Corbin Stock Clothing - 01  Corbin Stock Clothing - 02  Corbin Stock Clothing - 03



Hand Painted Indian Head Penny Cufflinks Hand Painted Spain Coin Cufflinks Hand Painted Denmark Krone Coin Cufflinks

Authentic Hand Enameled & Hand Painted Cufflinks

Coins from Around the World !

Hand Painted South Korean Coin Cufflinks