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The Dann B&T Collection for Men from long-time high-quality retailer Dann Clothing.

We are pleased to present some wonderful choices....

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Dennis & Joan Dann



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Dann Classic Collection
Dann Classic Summer Suits
Dann Classic Private Stock
Dann Studio Year-Round Clothing

Dann Contemporary Black Basics

and now....

Dann PORTLY Classic Collection




Corbin Tuxedo Separates
Dann Classic Tuxedos
Dann Studio Tuxedos
Dann Dinner Jackets

and now....

Dann Classic PORTLY Tuxedo Collection


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Dann Dress Tropical Collection


Wool Gabardine Dress Trousers


Wool Tropical Dress Trousers


Wool Tropical Blended Dress Trousers


Stain & Wrinkle Resistant Chino Trousers


Dann Contemporary Black Basics


All Cotton Khakis to size 60



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Dann Classic Blazers

Dann Studio Blazers

PBM Cashmere and Camel Hair Coats

Alumni Blazers


and now...

Dann Classic PORTLY Blazers


Dann Fall & Winter Classic Sport Coats

Dann Contemporary Black Basics


Classic Summer Sport Coats



Alumni Luxury Sportcoats


Dann Private Stock

Seasonal Sportcoats

Regulars, Shorts & Longs !

Alumni Blazers


Fall & Winter Sport Coats


     Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long, Portly

University  Blazers



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Dann Summer Suit Collection

Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long 

Navy Blue & Black Blazers


Western Ranchwear Clothing

Western Blazers & Sportcoats


Blazer Headquarters


All Cotton Khakis to size 70


Dann Contemporary Black Basics


Big and Tall Poston Price Trousers

Poston Price's "Authentic Khaki"---Big & Tall

Poston Price's "Chino Extraordinaire"---Big & Tall

Ultimate Cotton Gabardine---Big & Tall


corbinpoplinsuit.jpg (25813 bytes)

Poplin & Seersucker Suits
Extensive Sizing ! Regular, Short, Long, Extra Longs

Custom Silk Robes


two button summer suit.jpg (20705 bytes)

Summer Sportcoats !

Big & Tall

Custom Robes



Holiday Formalwear Accessories 

Custom White Dinner Jacket !







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Berle Khakis

Charleston Khakis

Berle Dress Denims



    stackTropicalPants.jpg (3603 bytes) 

The workhorse of your wardrobe !

Berle Year-Round Tropical Trouser Collection

Sizes up to 60 !

 Dann Private Stock


All Cotton Khakis


Regulars, Shorts, Longs, Extra Long


 Dann Private Stock


Wool Tropical Dress Trousers


100% Worsted Wool Tropical from our Dann Private Stock.



Regulars, Shorts, Longs, Extra Long


Beachcomber Corduroy Pant Bright Red with Christmas Tree

Castaway Clothing

Fun Embroidered Pants & Shorts---Fall, Holiday


NOW to size 46

Don't miss the new STONE color jeans !

Grand River Jeans



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"Great Basics" Dress Shirts

Dress Shirt Collection

Big & Tall


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Gitman Bros Dress Shirts

Gitman Bros Tuxedo Shirts

Gitman Bros Sport Shirts

Gitman Bros Customized Shirts

Gitman Dress Shirts

Big & Tall



Oxford Cloth Shirt


Classic Collection---Long Sleeve

Regular, Big, Tall




NEW FALL 2021   100% Cotton

Big and Tall

Wrinkle Free

100% Cotton Shirts



Weathered Two Pocket Shirt

Classic Collection---Long Sleeve

Regular, Big, Tall

Microfiber Golf Jackets

Tremendous range of sizing...Regular, Big, Tall

to 4XL-Tall



Grand River Jeans 




Big & Tall

French Cuff


Big & Tall

Tuxedo Shirts

129fw5.jpg (11383 bytes)


Private Stock

Denim Shirts

Small --5 XL !


classic-cut.gif (2117 bytes)

Dann Custom Shirt Shop




Big & Tall

80's 2-Ply Oxford

Byford Socks

Big & Tall

Cotton Sock Fancies

wpeE.jpg (47288 bytes)

Silk and Cotton Sweaters

Tuilliano Big and Tall




classic monogram.jpg (29488 bytes) mj8   shawl velour.jpg (25635 bytes)

100% Cashmere Robes

Pure Cashmere

Big & Tall


Big and Tall

English Surcingle Belts


Torino Big and Tall.jpg (58218 bytes)

Torino Big & Tall Belts

Dress Belts, Alligator Belts and Alligator Accessories


Staff Pick: David's Flip Flops  Staff Pick: Jim's Flip Flops


Colorful Custom Sandals

To Size 16 !  


Men's Premier Valet

Personalized Cedar Clothing Valet 

Giftbox1.jpg (2579 bytes)

Personalized Gifts from Dann

wpeE.jpg (19169 bytes)

Trafalgar Belts

Big & Tall



Pure Cashmere Scarves


The Gustbuster

Wind-tunnel tested umbrella !


Trafalgar Wallets and Gifts

Trafalgar Braces

Big & Tall

formalpindotXL.jpg (28685 bytes)

Trafalgar Formal Braces

Big & Tall




Engraved Sterling Silver Collection

from Dann






cedar_hangers_sm.gif (2482 bytes)

Shoe & Closet Accessories

keysandlockwoodwovenneckwear.jpg (14590 bytes)

Keys and Lockwood Woven Dot Neckwear

db blazer.jpg (23712 bytes)

Keys and Lockwood Woven Neckwear


Silk Woven Dot

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall

Pique Knits


gc255.jpg (34547 bytes)

Personalized & Engraved Men's Gifts

clothes brush 1.jpg (27156 bytes)

Kent Clothes Brush Collection


Solid Silk Neckties

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall 


Elegant Mahogany Hangers

Big & Tall !

Striped Ribbon D-Ring Belts

Byford logo.jpg (15205 bytes)

Byford Socks

Big & Tall

from Dann Clothing


Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets



Formal Neckties !

Long Lengths available



Solid Silk Woven Neckties

New ! Offered in Regular and Extra Tall


neckwear.jpg (27956 bytes)

Regimental Stripes Neckwear

Now Offered in Regular and Extra Tall

Dann Private Stock

Formal Footwear

Size 6.5 up to Size 14

Extensive Sizes Available ! Mediums, Wides and Narrows...From 6.5 up to size 14


j-20811.jpg (7624 bytes)

Walking Stick Collection from Dann

Tall Canes available for Tall men !


0606 - Assorted Tartans

Fine Handkerchiefs


bigandtallblazer.jpg (20455 bytes)  

Leather Double Eyeglass & Sunglass Case



Striped Big and Tall D-Ring Belts



Big & Tall

Fun D-Ring Belts



Big & Tall

Leather Tab Belts

bay rum.jpg (33509 bytes)

St John's Bay Rum

from Dann Clothing



Big & Tall Men's Footwear

Hard to find Shoes 

Yale University Enamel Cufflinks
Cuff Links Shop


Hand Blown Glass Cufflinks

Made by hand ! Each one is different


Exotic Leather Photo Frames

Custom ! Made up just for you !


Personalized Tie Bars

Sterling Silver

Our best quality !

(Tie Bars are BACK !)



Extra large Gustbuster Umbrella's

You need a good sized umbrella to keep from getting wet !

London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons


a-spy2.jpg (16495 bytes)

Dann Portly Collection


  neckwear.jpg (27956 bytes)


Authentic Regimental Stripes Neckwear

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall


Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !

 Luggage & Bag Collection

Personalized !


Murray Hill Bag Collection


Engraved Blazer Buttons


with your Monogram ! or Greek Fraternity Letters

Blazer Buttons.jpg (26708 bytes)

Classic Raincoat

from Dann Clothing

Regular, Shorts, Longs





Patterned and Solid Braces

Casual and Formal


Reg & XL


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