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Robert Talbott Neckwear

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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing

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Limited Edition Braces


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The Well Dressed Closet from Dann


Blazer Headquarters

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Silk Knot Cuff Link Collection

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Fun Political Bow Ties




The XXXCel XChg

Sunblok Sunglasses

Dress Shirt Collar Stays

Colorful Italian Cotton Belts

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The Essentials for Gentlemen

from Dann

Socks & Underwear for the Well Dressed Man !

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Sea Island Cotton Socks


Dann Furnishings

The Dann Collection Furnishings for the well dressed man is at your fingertips. Our furnishing selection offer dress & casual belts, braces, bow ties, neckties, dress jewelry, boxers, umbrellas, unique leather bags, shoes, socks, formalwear accessories, and even a wonderful collection of Cedar Hangers, Cedar Storage, Mahogany Hangers as well as a large selection of Suit Valets from "Dann's Well Dressed Closet". We feature a large collection of special engraved money clips, pens, knives, watches, belt buckles and jewelry which will become lifetime possessions and keepsakes.

We are very proud to offer you this extensive selection.

We look forward to hearing from you !

Dennis & Joan

Neckwear & Bow Ties

Robert Talbott Neckwear
Robert Talbott Limited Edition Neckwear
Gitman Neckwear
Burberry Neckwear
Gitman English Plaid Neckwear
Keys & Lockwood Regimental Stripes Neckwear
Keys & Lockwood Woven Diagonal Neckwear
Keys & Lockwood Woven Dot Neckwear
Keys & Lockwood Woven Neckwear
Gitman Knit Neckwear
Carrot & Gibbs Custom Bow Ties
Fun Bow Ties
Fun Political Bow Ties
Fun Island Neckwear
Fun Island Bow Ties
Belts, Braces and Leather Goods
Trafalgar Belts & Braces
Trafalgar Belt Straps and Engraved Buckles
Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces
Trafalgar Wallets and Gifts
Dann Private Stock Braces and Suspenders
The Croc Shop, Alligator & Crocodile
Torino American Alligator Belt & Wallet Collection

Torino Exotic Leather Belt Collection

Dann Exotic Wallets Collection
Dann Private Stock Wallets
Alden Belts
Adventure by Schlesinger Bags
Colorful Italian Stretch Cotton Belts
English Surcingle Belts
Formalwear Accessories
Gitman Formal Wear Accessories
Dann Formal Footwear
Tuxedo Stud Sets
Fun Formal Wear Cumberbund & Bow Sets
Holiday Formal Wear Accessories
Dann Private Stock Braces and Suspenders
Fun Holiday Cumberbunds and Bows
Fun Island Cumberbunds and Bows
Shoes & Socks
Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear
Alden Shoes
L.B. Evans Slippers
Dann Studio Italian Footwear
Dann Formal Footwear
Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees
Shoe Care Products
Pantherella Hosiery

Byford Hosiery

Acorn Slippers
Engraved Jewelry and Blazer Buttons
Cuff Links
Tuxedo Stud Sets
M.H.Bertucci Watch Collection
Engraved Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection
Engraved Pocket Watch Collection
Engraved 14 Karot Gold Collection--our finest !
Vintage Watch Collection
Royall Lyme Fragrances
St. John Fragrances
West Indies Bay Rum
Gitman Boxers
Fun Boxers !
Classic Overton Boxers
Viyella Boxer Shorts
Gustbuster Umbrellas
Sunbuster Sunglasses
 Valet Accessories
Cedar Shoe Trees
Cedar Clothes Hangers
Personal Closet Accessories
Dann Valet
Dann Sleepwear, Robes, Slippers

Byford Hosiery

Pantherella Hosiery
Pantherella Madras Collection Hosiery
Dann Walking Sticks
Dann Walking Sticks and Canes
Personalized Luggage Tags
Men's Travel Accessories
Fun Holiday Boxers, Bows, Cumberbund Sets
Dann Dress Shirt Collar Stays

and featuring........

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Monogrammed & Personalized Gifts

from Dann


Circa 1940's Vintage Watch Style CT102T

Vintage Watch Collection


Yale University Enamel Cufflinks
Cuff Links Shop

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Dann Walking Sticks

English Surcingle Belts


Dann Wallets for Men



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Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets


Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


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Trafalgar Patterned Braces

Wax Cotton Luggage & Totes


Torino Exotic Leather Belt Collection

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Men's Colognes, After Shaves and Fragrances

Royall, St John, West Indies Bay Rum